Role Model – Coco Chanel

Hello All,

Once a month I’m going to post about a Woman which I consider a role model. It won’t be necessarily a famous person she might be anybody that I admire.

Today I want to start this new appointment by writing about my number one role model, the woman which brings me the most inspirations. Since I was a little girl my desire was to grow to be a strong and determined woman as Coco Chanel! I remember that at the beginning I didn’t understand that she really existed, my Italian grandmother always spoke about Coco Chanel when she was getting ready to go out, she would tell me about the revolution on Fashion that she brought, about the perfume and about the bag! OMG, the bag if I close my eyes I can see my grandmother grabbing her gloves and the bag to leave the house… Beautiful! So hearing my grandmother speak I thought she was some sort of princess from a fairytale.

I don’t want to write Coco Chanel’s Biography because I found online a fantastic slide of pictures that explains her life in a gorgeous way…(I’ll leave the link below) instead I want to tell you why she is my role model.

  • She was born poor (it wasn’t an excuse for her not to succeed in her life)
  • Her mother died when she was 12 (the same thing… she didn’t use this as an excuse)
  • Her father abounded her and her sister in an orphanage (She didn’t play the victim! Instead she let the uniform of the orphanage inspire her and used what she learned to create Chanel)
  • Her dream was to become a singer and/or actress she didn’t make it.. (but first of all she wanted to succeed so she didn’t let herself down just changed the plan)
  • The love of her life died in an accident. (She could have got into depression, made excuses and not go on working to achieve success instead she worked even harder to be able to overcome the grieve)
  • Fashion determined that woman had to wear a corset… (she went against the flow and succeeded)
  • She wanted to free women. (Succeeded)
  • Wanted woman to be comfortable. (Succeeded)
  • The war made her business slow down in Paris. (for her it wasn’t a problem… she moved and went on… )
  • She wanted her name to make history. (Succeeded she made history she changed history)

She won, against every stereotype that existed on those years. She was successful and her name lasts through the years…

Her name will live forever …

Thank you


You can read her biography Here.

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All pictures are taken from Google.

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