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Great Day to All!

It is time to write my first post, and I decided to talk about listening, as this was the first thing I came across early on in my life. It all started when I turned 18 and started to serve in the military. Freshly graduated from high school and got into an environment where I had to live my life with people from all backgrounds, education levels and values and beliefs.

First, it was tough to accept the change than I soon realised that you have to listen and pay attention to every person. If you shut the little voice in your head, telling you that “I know this better”, and start to listen instead, you can learn from what they have to tell in their own ways.

In other words, if you listen carefully you will keep on learning. Think about it in a way, that you can capture 20…30..40 years of wisdom, depending on the age of your communication partner in a single minute. How magnificent is that? It is like taking an anti-ageing pill every time you listen, you can accumulate thousands of years of wisdom pretty quick, and you do not have to live those thousands of years.

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Later on, during my years in university, I also applied this learning. I have tried to walk around in an open mind, took on extra curriculums where I could pick up new learnings.

However, with the information overflow, you have to be careful, not to take anything granted. You have to also develop your own wisdom, and filter and process the information and learnings coming towards you. You must not just store the information but you have to process it, distil it and put it into the right section and right chapter where it belongs. You also have to add your own thoughts to it to make your mark.

One of my favourite movies, Forest Gump is one of the loveliest stories about what I am trying to say in here.

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I am using this in my work. I mostly work in manufacturing environments, and what you have to realise in there (as being a manager), that no matter what happens in a meeting, or what the numbers show, the true story is written on the manufacturing floor. Try to spend time there, listen to the people, collect the information and then distil it in your own way. This will also help you to do your work, build connections and trust to get things done.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting!

Have a Great Day!



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