So Easy to Say…

Motivation is the word of the moment… You look around YouTube and you will find loads of YouTubers speaking about Motivation and about how they find Motivation…

Yes, I’m writing Motivation with Capitol “M”! Because Motivation is what makes us get up every day and fight to achieve our goals, so it’s extremely important! But we are not perfect, we are not computers, with us Human Beings it’s not sufficient to re-program and presses the enter button and all in automatic happens… With us, it works differently, with us the strength has to come from the inside a mixture of determination, strength and ego… the need, I call it hunger, why not?


But the question is where can we find the so much desired Motivation?

There is no rule, every one of us works differently so what might work for me might not work for you… What I want to do is set an appointment with you: Every Monday we will speak about Motivation and share with each other how we Motivate ourselves.

I’m a very hard person to deal with when not Motivated from the inside, difficult to be able to motivate me with anything if I don’t want to do it is hard. I say that this is the worst defect that I have and I battle with it often.  I always compare my Motivation with a car: A car moves on petrol, gas, electricity & etc… I move on passion, love, loyalty & etc… If I don’t believe, if I don’t trust, if I didn’t marry the cause for what I’ll work for I won’t be able to be Motivated enough to give my 100% and if I know I cannot give my 100% I won’t go on.

The passion for what I’m doing is my key to be Motivated without it I don’t exist.

One thing I must say though! I’m totally aware of my defect and I want to change.

Together, every Monday we will work together to change that, and I will share with you what I’m doing to change.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions I’m open to everything…

Thank you very much for reading.





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