These days I haven’t been posting much because my worst enemy came to visit: a Migraine!

Yes, I differ with Migraines and my life completely works around it!

One day I feel well so I try to work as much as I can, I try to get stuff done at work that unfortunately I’m late with, I try to clean the house and do all the laundry, cook and also try to read and write as much as I can… all this on the days I feel well and always with the fear of when I’m gonna have the next attack!

My job is a very stressful job… full of responsibilities and I need to always be focused… very hard for me when I start feeling that an attack is near… Yes, when O start feeling it because the attacks always come 3 to 4 days after my initial symptoms!

It usually begins with me feeling very tired and irritated, there I already understand that if I’m in the middle of a project I’ll have to work faster because I don’t have a lot of time before the attack.

My stomach starts to hurt, together with my throat and ears.

I’ll have problems to swallow the food and will have to drink carefully so I’ll be able to swallow the water before my throat closes.

These symptoms will last 2 maximum 3 days after that the real attack will arrive and I’ll be completely useless. I cannot think, sometimes I can’t talk, I’ll try to watch movies or videos that will make me not think about the pain so I can fall asleep. I’ll put the volume the minimum and the lights will be all off.

For my family is also a struggle, I’ll ask them to not make noise but the thing that most bothers me I’m not able to ask them not to do because it would mean that they will have to leave the house. The worst thing for me is the vibrations of their steps on the floor, for me, it feels like they are walking inside my head. Nightmare.

I take medicine during my worst attacks that make me be totally in drugs… it helps by taking the throbbing which helps a lot but won’t take the actual pain.

The attacks will last 2 days sometimes 3 but, it’s not finished because I’ll need 2 days to recuperate from all this and maybe this will be the days where I look like I’m ok but actually I’m not. Today is the second day after the attack and I feel tired, exhausted and guilty of losing such a beautiful day in bed!

It’s hard and there is not much I can do about it… I just hope that I won’t have any more attacks this month…

The image below stays exactly how I feel… Thank you, Gemma Marsh, for describing it so well. 

7 thoughts on “Migraine…

  1. I sympathize with you! I suffer from chronic migraines and some days I feel awful for my kids, but the loud noise is difficult! I think this post relates to your new one Slow Down, it’s so hard to do as a mother.


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