Abandoning a bad habit – Method that works

Tell me who does not have this type of challenge?

Let me tell you a way that helped me to get rid of some of mine.

I always had a sweet tooth so to say… and that coupled with stress eating is not a good combination. At my work, there is not much of a variety of snacks you can choose from… chocolate bars and chips. So when I felt hungry… I have gone for the chocolates. Not one or two more or less 3 or 4 per day. Fortunately or unfortunately I had no issues with gaining weight but more so what I have noticed is my blood sugar levels must have gone up.

So my logical mind told me, that I have to stop or eat less. A grandiose idea… but how?

Plan A:

Put posters on my monitor… no chocolate… Well worked for a day or two… Then back in the kitchen.


Plan B:

Let’s eat something else instead of chocolate… Like apples. 1 bag of apples and a nice bowl later… I have consumed the full bowl of apples in a day…. and then at least one chocolate bar… Great plan… no result… Except the apples were delicious!

Bowl of apples

Plan C:

Let’s use something I have learned about a while ago, that you can alter your feelings about anything… not easy but with a bit of practice. Here is how it works in practice:

Take a chocolate bar and ask yourself the question: On a scale of 1 to 10 how much I desire that chocolate bar? In my case, the answer was 6, as it happened to be one which I liked but not that much.
Then ask yourself the question what would you have to think to put your desire to level 9 or 10… The answer was easy all I had to think, that this was the last one in the fridge… Job done… And started to unwrap the little temptation pack.

Then the third question… What would I have to think or do, to make it a 1 or 2, that it would almost be impossible to make me eat that treat? After a bit of thinking, my brain came up with the image with one of my legs amputated as a result of severe diabetes.


That was enough… Chocolate bars = Amputated leg… Not an appealing combination.

Two weeks later, feeling better, blood sugar lower and some more money in my pocket.

Success… Try it out yourself… You can use this technique in a positive way as well to get your brain to make you do something!

Great Day!



2 thoughts on “Abandoning a bad habit – Method that works

  1. Take the 21 day challenge – Don’t eat that thing for 21 days and you will grow out of it .. or else eat just 1 bar first week and then none for next 2 weeks … It works


    • Thanks for the support! Sure…. That is the aim, the 21 day challenge…. But this helps to keep up the 21:-) Worked many times for other small stuff too. By this time I am almost hitting 21 days, tonight friends over… nice cake… Did not touch it… Bit of cheese instead!


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