Motivation Monday

Great Monday Everybody.

Today is our appointment to talk about Motivation… I thought a lot about this post because I want it to be very special, first of all, because Motivation is a special topic and second of all because today I’m bringing the example of a Victorious Person which could sell Motivation at Tesco’s… Did I make my point? Besides being a positive and as I already said, Victorious person, he also is the sweetest and most polite Vlogger of all!!!

OMG, the first time I saw his video I was like does He really exist? His kindness blows out the screen, the most truthful eyes, at some point his transparency broke my heart, especially when He talked about his Grandmother that unfortunately, he lost last year.

You surely are asking yourself: Ok, great but what does it have to do with our Motivation Monday appointment…? Well, my dear friends (I got this from him) it has everything to do with Motivation… He is the proof that if you Believe in yourself, Work Hard, Motivate yourself no matter what you went through and you don’t lose your time crying over yourself you will make it!

  1. He was raised in a poor family living in a trailer in rural Pennsylvania. But full of love and you can totally feel it because he irradiates love from each pore. Today he is a successful person that has a beautiful house with a lot of cool things that makes him even happier.
  2. He was bullied at school for being gay and overweight. He feels no hate, no bad feelings at all when he speaks about it, instead, he feels sorry for those kids that bullied him for not knowing better.
  3. He focused and lost loads of weight. Not easy to do but he did it and he speaks about it as of his second biggest achievements. It certainly is!
  4. When he speaks about his first biggest achievement he doesn’t mention the career but he mentioned his relationship with his Husband. Melts my heart so sweet so much Love.
  5. He opened his YouTube Chanel after the loss of his Grandmother, Love, Love and Love in every post. You can see and feel the Love.

His Channel is about Lifestyle, Luxury, Beauty, Planning and Organisation, but is a lot more than that. Christopher maybe doesn’t realise it because he is too humble and does it all with his heart but he gives a lot of Motivation to all of us that watch his videos and most of all he brings peace…

He brings the light at the end of the tunnel to many that right now are struggling, he is the example that you will be happy right now. Just give yourself permission to start.

Go take a look at his channel and Subscribe, He will bring joy to your life, with true positivity and kindness. Christopher Allen

Today I’m going to finish this post as Cristopher would: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others and be Kind, Kindness is Free Give it to Everyone.

Thank You, Christopher, for being exactly who you are. We wish You and Steven all the Best in Life.

Christopher Allen _ Me on Focus

Thank you all for taking your time to read us, have a wonderful day.


4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Wow! I am completely honored. As I read this post I couldn’t help but tear up. When I set out to create this channel I had only one goal in mind. That was to spread kindness and bring a little light to others. To know that that is exactly what is resonating with others fills my heart with joy. Thank you my beautiful friend! May your day be glorious! – Christopher

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    • Knowing that you liked our post fills my heart of joy! Thank you so much for your lovely comment ❤️ Have a wonderful day and life Christopher you certainly deserve all the best 🌞


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