Manifesting Abundance Part 1

Me On Focus Manifesting Abundance

Wednesday rhymes with Manifestation, right? Well not really but here on Me on Focus we make our own rules and yes it does rhyme… hehehehehe

Manifesting Abundance… wow we are definitely gonna talk a lot about this topic but, first, let’s take a look at what Abundance really means…

Abundance: Plentifulness of the Good Things of Life, Degree of Plentifulness

Synonymous: Copiousness, Plenteousness and generosity.

Very nice but, Abundance is too important to have just a few definitions or meanings… Abundance is whatever we want it to be. Abundance is like a white canvas we draw it and colour it as we like creating all the shades and shapes that we like and we can go on and on painting and writing and drawing as we wish and, we can also erase re-shape re-dimension and re-write as we go on, because there are no rules on our Abundance.

Yes, our Abundance. Each one of us has its vision of what is Abundance. Yes, we are gonna keep writing ABUNDANCE big and bigger because we want it, it’s ours! It’s important is our happiness and the happiness of our family and friends around us.

What is Abundance for you?

Every Wednesday we are going to speak about Abundance, how we can understand what is it for us and how to shape it for while we build it and achieve it.

Today I want to leave you with what is for me one of the biggest examples of a person that had the white canvas in front of her and drew it, built it, and re-shaped it many many times until she understood what Abundance is for her.

Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen) one of the most inspiring people I follow… Listen to her podcast talking about Manifesting Abundance, and don’t forget to come back and leave me a comment I would love to know if for you this podcast is as powerful as it is for me.

Me On Focus Manifesting Abundance

You can find all her podcasts on her web page and the podcast I’m talking about is “Manifesting Abundance” her second podcast.

Thank you so much for reading.




The picture is taken from Google and Belongs to Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl.