Motivation Monday #2

This morning I left you with an exercise, I did this exercise myself these days and I can tell you that it was very complicated…

It’s very complicated to let our daily life aside and think just about what we want, sometimes I wish I was one of those people that live their lives having themselves, their needs and their dreams as first thing… Some people call them Selfish… Egoist but, is it really selfish to put ourselves first? Don’t know, what do you think?

A few years ago I read somewhere that in order to make somebody happy you have to make yourself happy in the first place, which makes a lot of sense to me but, I was raised differently. I was raised hearing that in order to be happy you have to make people around you happy because when they will be happy in automatic will make you happy.

Looks like today’s post is heading to a totally different subject…

But, (can we start a phrase with but?) how can we talk about motivation and not talk about happiness?

Certainly, you cannot feel motivated if you are not happy or if you are not doing what makes you happy… right?

Well, this what I’m thinking about the last months… Am I happy? When and how and why have I decided to start this career? What was I passionate about? what were my dreams…?

While I was thinking and focusing (you know, brainstorming…) I found myself stopping and in automatic going to the financial side, reality if you like, and stopping myself by thinking “yeah, of course, go ahead and do that… who is gonna pay the bills?”

Now, this is totally wrong and I thank my inner me for making me stop and erase immediately these counterproductive thoughts!

I formulated the thought that no, I won’t be able to think only about what I want not taking into account my family but, I can take both things forward… How? Focusing and working hard! yes because Motivation cannot be just a state of mind!

You need to motivate yourself and take action.

You are not doing your dream job? You cannot quit your job because you need to make both hands meet? No problem! Go on and motivate yourself by saying to yourself every morning that thanking your job you are every second closer to achieve your dreams and, work hard on your dream job during free time.

Thank your job every morning and every day when you are leaving to go home.

Motivate yourself by saying thanking this job I’m able to focus on my dreams… And trust me, you will soon love it… your dream? The second job that you are doing and working so hard to achieve your dreams? Well, this one will start to flourish unconditionally… Why? Because you will be filled with positivity every single moment of your day.

You will start succeeding, immediately.

You will feel the difference right the next day.

You don’t need to take risky steps… You just need to change your vision of things and be grateful …

The magic happens when we unity:

Stability – so you don’t add stress to your life

Focus – so you have an initial thought of what you want, this might change along the way so don’t be strict with yourself. It’s ok to change your mind along the way…

Thankful – always thankful for everything even for what you don’t like, this brings positivity.

Dream – It warms your heart and makes things happen.

Happy – be always happy about everything, when you feel a little low revive yourself by dancing or doing whatever makes you laugh 🙂 I dance Brazilian songs like there is no tomorrow (hehehehehe shouldn’t have said that)

I wish you all to be happy, I wish this post brought you an inspiration to smile, breath and start tomorrow morning screaming your happiness to our beautiful world.

Thank you for reading me till the end, very long post 🙂

Sending lots of love.


Motivation - 2 - Me on Focus

One thought on “Motivation Monday #2

  1. Very interesting article! I can agree with you that thankfulness is very powerful “tool”. Every day, before I go sleep, I thank in my mind for 5 things or situations that happened this day. That can be – a nice conversation with my friends, a delicious meal cooked by my husband or simple: that I am healthy. After this, I feel much happier and more motivated next day 🙂

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