Capsule Wardrobe #1

Good Morning All, today we will talk about minimalism, as you know I’m transitioning to a minimalist life so I’m making a lot of changes.

Part of these changes is to create a capsule wardrobe, define a style and choose accessories that really match my personality and that I’ll be using for at least 2 years.

It might sound boring, right? Yes, can sound boring but at the same time, it makes life simple…

Just think of how simple it will be in the morning to choose what to wear having a capsule wardrobe finished!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the styles I had in the last 15 years and I can say that none of them really made me happy and feel comfortable. I transitioned from casual/rock, casual/chic and casual/sport… In the end, I ended up wearing the same things…

The girls that are reading me will agree that girls build their style around the bag they are currently rocking around.

The bag for me has to be small but at the same time, it has to have enough space to carry my planner (which is a B5) my iPads, full-size wallet, little toiletry, and pens. Besides that glass case and many other small things.

The style needs to be clean and minimalist preferable a black leather bag.

I found a bag which I love and have been using it for a long time but, the problem was that I had to redimension a lot… I had to buy a smaller planner to fit in the bag and than re-write everything on my actual planner at home (I don’t like having many planners), than during the day at some point I just wish I could carry the bag in a different way for a while… like a backpack or on my shoulder just because I got sick of carrying my bag as crossbody.

So what I have been searching for the last year was a convertible bag that looked simple, minimalist but had that lux style…

I found it!!!

Alea Bag - Me on Focus

Alea Bag - Me on Focus

This bag is exactly what I’ve been searching for… You can wear it in 4 different ways and as you can see it fits everything that I need to take with me during the day… It would even fit a PC… The design is minimalistic, black and leather, Perfect!

Alea Bag Me on Focus

Of course, I won’t wear the same bag weekends and evenings out but I still want the same minimalistic style and to my surprise here we go they made the small version…

Alea Me on Focus

Alea Me on Focus

Alea Bag Me on Focus


This bag solved a big problem for the creation of my capsule wardrobe because I need 33 items including accessories… These two bags made it possible to sell my work bag which I carried my laptop and documents for work, my weak day bag the evening bag and the weekend bag I used if we went somewhere and I needed to pack lunch or extra clothes for hiking… Ohh I was about to forget, this bag can be used by men too.

The biggest problem solved! Now I can focus on the clothes. Project 333 I’m almost there and will post all about it.

Do you like the Bag?

What do you think about convertible bags?

Do you think that building a capsule wardrobe can make life easier?

Have you heard about project 333?

Francesca Rainoldi Me on Focus

The name of the bag I chose is Alea bag made by Francesca Rainoldi. This post is not sponsored, I actually love this bag.

You can find Francesca Rainoldi on Instagram and on her web page

Pictures are taken from Instagram and Google.

Thank you for reading me and please leave me a comment below I would love to know your thoughts about Minimalism, capsule wardrobe and if you have tips I would love to read them 🙂

Thank you, everybody, and have a wonderful Wednesday.



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