Busy… Too Busy

Hello All and Happy Sunday!!!

Hope you are all well, enjoying your families and that your week was full of happiness.

I’ve been very busy this week and unfortunately didn’t make it to blog at the end of the day… Which for me was very painful! I felt very guilty. I missed blogging so much but when I arrived from work the only thing that I wanted to do was chill and watch Netflix.

The weather in England has been very very generous to us, today we are having 27 degrees and no wind what so ever! And maybe that was the reason that this last week for me was so overwhelming… Yes because unfortunately, changes don’t do well especially when the weather goes from 11 degrees and jump up to 27!

I’ve been analysing all the reasons why this last week was so unproductive to me and I thought about sharing it with you guys…

  1. I decided to test a digital planner on the iPad Pro using the iPencil… Well, this change made me forgetting where the notes were… Not being able to easily go back to the notebook to look at Notes made not look at them!!!
  2. I didn’t journal at all.
  3. Didn’t do the exercises that I usually do like; visualisation, manifestation and I didn’t look at the digital vision board…
  4. No “Thank You” Journal.

Yes, all excuses that I’m finding to myself just to excuse myself from not doing what makes me feel good!!! This is something that I totally dislike: Finding excuses!!! And as you can read changing my routine changed me.

It’s amazing how our brain needs focus, needs a routine, and how when we change one single thing all fall down!!!

What I learned this week is that I shouldn’t change the way I like to do things and if I want to try something I should take baby steps keeping my way of doing things while trying a new way…

Also, I learned to see immediately when I’m blaming something else or somebody else for my own mistakes and correct it immediately because what happens to me is a result of my own decisions.

Now I’m back with my notebooks, my planner and my “Thank You Journal”, so good to see the paper, to write with my favourite pen, my washi tapes and stickers!!! I’m so happy!!!

Sorry iPlanner, sorry IPad Pro I tried… 🙂

The picture below shows a video I made for Instagram, I was so excited trying the iPlanner for the first time… oh well!

IPlanner - me on focus

Now I’m trying to read books just on the Kindle… let’s see if I’m gonna be able to not being able to write the book and add post-it on my favourite parts… 🙂

Have you guys tried to move from paper to digital? Let me know about your experiences.

Thank you so much for reading me.




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