Value People

When I start to work for a company I’m some sort of marrying the cause of that company. I need to believe in what they want to achieve! I need to trust the people I work with and yes I build relationships with my colleagues, I like to work with people that in automatic become my friends.
I like teamwork where everybody works together for the same purpose to achieve victories and to grow! I like to grow with the company and I like companies that share their triumphs and victories with who worked to make it possible.

When I think about what a boss or better what a leader should be? It should be a person capable of moving their team with the passion he has for his job. It has to be a person moved by the passion and has to be able to transpire the emotion, focus and again the passion he/she has for the job, every day. Even on difficult times even when there is a problem he/she should be able to show exactly the emotions and the passion that he/she is using to solve. It doesn’t matter if during this stressful and complicated moment you let yourself go with inappropriate language or if you stand up to take fresh air, show the emotions show that even a boss a leader gets tough moments. Don’t build around you a fake crystal bubble of fake self-control cause this doesn’t exist!

Leader me on focus

What I see the most in the last two years is RCCA (route cause corrective action), what I think about it? Useless!!!

Route: finding the route of the problem!
Sometimes is impossible. It causes frustration for the people involved… The fact that there is lack of jobs makes people afraid of losing their jobs. Trying to find the route of the problem causes people to blame other people and instead of focusing on solving the problem, people start a war against each other to save themselves and put someone else on fire. We also have to think about what happens with the team when people are obliged to find the route which can be translated to who made the mistake. The team immediately breaks. The person that is affected from now on won’t trust the colleagues. The rest of the team also won’t trust the person that did the mistake and without trust, there is no team.

Do we really need to do this to solve a problem? Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about sectors where the life of other people are involved or about areas of a company which could be for example the health and safety department because it’s a totally different conversation… I’m talking about normal problems or issues that might arise in manufacture areas, offices or service companies and many others where life risks are not involved.

Cause: Usually a human mistake which is totally normal, when you work, when you do something you might make mistakes. And again when there is no life involved is it really necessary to find the cause? Why it happened? What is the cause of the problem? Hey, guys, I caused the problem? Hurray, we found the person to blame!!!Hmmm… what now? Is the problem solved?

Corrective: I won’t comment on this one because in my position have to ask for the corrective action this word just won’t come out of my mouth. Why? Because the Corrective – Correction, in this case, my brain sees a criminal needed for a corrective action.
I know is crazy that this word comes to my head like this but, aren’t jails properly named “corrective Institutions?” All right so how can I ask a person of my team or how can somebody ask me for a corrective…? Sorry no, I can’t!

Action: This should be the only word used. When a problem occurs I don’t want to know why I don’t want to know who! I want to take action! Now you are gonna ask me, but Lucy how are you gonna make sure that the problem won’t happen again if you don’t find the route, the cause and what about correcting it?
Well, I’ll tell you; we learn more, we find better solutions with a positive stress-free mind!
While we will be working to solve the problem why it happened will appear by itself but, we will be too busy fixing it than trying to blame somebody else. We will be more focused and passionate about getting stuff working again, and you know what…?
Whoever did the mistake and the rest of the team in the future will come up alone and immediately when they see a mistake was made with no fear of being criticised, humiliated and who knows fired because of a mistake.

This should be the first rule for a boss, for a real leader especially when the person in front of you is young and doesn’t have enough experience.

We are in 2017 we are creating amazing things, planning to start a colony on Mars!!! Please, can we make sure we start taking care of the quality of peoples’ life here in the Earth so that when the time arrives to build a colony in some other planet we will be treating people well and taking care of their psychological health too?

Sometimes I’m afraid that technology is making us forget that human beings are computers that it doesn’t work as it must be it just gets recycled! People cannot get recycled!!! Once you break a person it takes a long time to fix, and even if the person is strong and gets up it doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave a scar…

It’s all about empowering others and not dragging them down for your own ego to grow…

We must start to be nice to each other! Respect, love and mercy must be in first place!

Leader me on focus

Thank you so much for reading me till the end.

If you are a boss, if you have people under you please think about it.

Thank you


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