Michelle Stevens – Scared Selfless

Hello Friends, today I would like to introduce to you what I think is one of the most powerful real-life stories about overcoming trauma, I usually don’t read this kind of books because reading about child abuse is something that it’s really hard to imagine and the thought of children being abused is just too much! I’m really ashamed to know that humans beings are able to do such horrible things to children!!! The tortures that Michelle Stevens suffered are imaginable!

Michelle Stevens was only an 8 years old child when her mother met her future stepfather and went live with him only after two weeks they met, from that moment Michelle stopped being a child and became a sex slave! She went through the most awful things, things that even for an adult are horrible and hard to be able to survive both physically and mentally!

Michelle Stevens

It took her 15 years to recover.

She tried suicide 4 times.

And she owns! She was able to recover and become a successful and happy woman.

I don’t want to write too much about this amazing book because you should read it, Michelle is the example of how we are able to overcome everything. It isn’t easy but will make it all and she certainly made it.

I got emotional many times, she made cry, she made me proud of the person she is today.

Dear Friends, please read Michelle Stevens’ Book “Scared and Selfless, My Journey from Abuse and Madness to Surviving and Thriving”

Michelle also has a web page: www.scaredselfless.com

Michelle is the role model for every woman.

Michelle Stevens

Have a nice Saturday my dear friends and most important watch carefully your children and believe what they say, even if it might look like they are just acting spoiled, please trust what they are saying and if they don’t want to be around somebody investigate, find out why and defend your child.

Thank you for reading.





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