What Happened #1

Hello All,

It’s a long time that I don’t post and, from today I’ll be writing posts explaining what happened and changed in these months… It’s quite a long story so I decided in more posts so I don’t get you guys bored.

Most of you know that my real job was a Site Manager for an American Aerospace company so yes, it was very stressful and I had a lot of responsibilities but let me explain exactly what I did: I worked for a company which supplies all the tools needed in the client site so that the client had all the tools needed to produce parts for Helicopters, planes and jets. I took care directly and indirectly of 6 sites of this company here in the UK. I won’t name any company right now but maybe in the future.

When I started to work for this company the client was very unhappy because of the previous manager and I had about 3 months to make things work or the company I worked for would lose the contract. So I did my best, worked weekends, late hours and did everything possible to achieve targets and make the client happy. I agreed to start working with a lower salary with the promise that if I would be able to save the contract in 3 months my salary would be reviewed.

Three months had passed and the client was happy.  Six months had passed and the company I worked for started to gain more contracts with the same client around Europe. Since I speak many languages I supported and participated in meetings of other sites helping the Site Managers to improve their work.

All was good! The client was happy not only in the UK but, also in other sites around Europe so I started to negotiate with my boss the salary raise he promised if all would go well.

Months passed and a year passed I tried to have a vacation of 5 days cause I was tired and after one year I thought I would be entitled to some holidays. The answer was to ask the client. I asked the client but, the client didn’t let me take some days off with the excuse of  “who will cover you?” Christmas arrived I asked for some days off and, again the same problem “who will cover you?” Reminding that I worked from morning until late nights and weekends, nobody ever thought that maybe I’m a Human being and I need some time off.

The day of my wedding, a Friday here in UK Fridays are only half workday… I worked. The company I worked for is American and every Friday I had a conference call with my American boss at 3PM, my wedding was at 3:45pm, I asked to be excused from the call minutes before I got inside the office to get married. Hardly had time to get ready.

The months were passing and I got every day more tired till my father in law passed away and I asked for 2 days off to be able to travel to attend his funeral. In this case, they gave me the 2 days off but, I was on the phone most of the time answering calls and emails. Now you’ll be thinking why didn’t you leave the work phone home? The answer is simple if I wouldn’t answer client’s emails immediately the client would escalate to hire leadership level and I would be accused of not following up with issues that could have stopped production. For who of you know a little bit about the production you’ll think this is a stupid motivation and in fact, it is since production is usually planned months ahead and material managers have months to plan and prepare, right?

Well, in this case even though we are talking about multinational business a company that is worldwide known and respected which of course will have millions of procedures to follow and regulations since we are talking about aerospace… You would think that they were the most planned and well managed.

It wasn’t like this… The company or better the managers didn’t know what was the next step and everything was done on the rush. Managers would scream and shout at me on daily basis for everything they thought at that moment was urgent (most of the times it wasn’t) most of the times the reason for them to scream at me on the phone was the need they had for a new TV to better show their presentations during meetings. Or they would shout at me because of a stop in production caused by a Chemical that went out of stock… Unfortunately, the company I worked for didn’t supply chemicals, the chemicals were supplied by another company, not us!

Humiliations, screaming and shouting were part of my day. But not only this…

To be continued…






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