What Happened #2

On the last post, I left you describing how was the work on a daily basis… If you didn’t read it please read it before you go on reading this post.


As I explained in the previous post most of the shoutings and offences I received were caused by the problems the client had with another supplier, this supplier was responsible for the delivery of the chemicals and never cared to solve the problems, unfortunately, the company I worked for stocked the chemicals in our stores so in automatic I got the blame if the client came to our stores and we told them that the chemical wasn’t in stock… So after 5 months I was “promoted” of course my salary wasn’t reviewed I just got more work no more money… anyway I got promoted and I started to take care of another site which is about 60 km from the first site… Immediately in the first meeting, the manager responsible for our contract reversed all his frustrations regarding the chemicals and I could understand from his words that he kind of blamed the company I worked for the problems as I said before for my company the important thing was to gain the client trust and more business so my boss was continually telling me to be nice and to do my best to make the client happy, so when this manager asked to build him a Kanban for the chemicals I said ok even if it wasn’t our responsibility but the other suppliers’ to build it.

I built the Kanban and sent it to this manager by email, after one week I wrote another email sending the kanban again I got no answer and since I was very busy and had no answers I went on working on other projects and waited for the manager to contact me and give the approval of the Kanban to start implementing it. On the following weeks though, I sent the Kanban again cooping my boss so he would see that the job was done I was just not getting answers…

One month passed by with no contact from the manager and the day to go visit his site arrived, so I went worked all day long with no problems when suddenly he appeared in front of me and told me to follow him in his office. So I followed him he invited me to sit down and started saying how unprofessional I was that he waited more than one month for the Kanban and I didn’t send him the file for approval… I had my pc in front me so I searched for the sent emails and told him the dates the emails were sent, All in a very polite and calm tone. He started to look at the file, started to check the numbers recalculating them all with his calculator looked at me and said I don’t know how you did it but the numbers seem correct and suddenly closed his eyes went in some kind of meditation mode massaging his temples and emitting a weird sound with his throat… He stayed like this for about 12 minutes (i know that because I had the pc in front of me when I was looking at the time) it was a very weird and uncomfortable situation and after waiting so long in silence while he was meditating I breathed and looked at the sky trying to calm myself and find some comfort. Well, I shouldn’t have done that because in that instant he opened his eyes and screamed Lucy you are Rowling your eyes at me? He stood up went in the direction of the door closed it and put down the blinders.

This is the last thing I remember. This manager closing the door and Rowling down the blinders while he was shouting words which I cannot remember.

I don’t remember anything, not even how I got home that day, I don’t remember the ride. I don’t remember climbing up the stairs of my apartment I don’t even remember how I got out of the office of this manager. I don’t remember what he was shouting…

The only thing I remember is my husband asking me what happened.


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