Setting Goals & Intentios

For many reasons, I stopped writing the “What Happened” for now… Later on, I might continue so I won’t let you guys wondering, for now, let us go on trying not to think about “What Happened”.

Is it kind of late to write Goals and Intentions for 2018? Well, is never too late.

Stop Smoking

The first thing I need to change this year is Smoke!!! I need to stop immediately… Well, I need to start stopping to smoke. No this doesn’t make sense either! I must decide immediately to stop smoking! Gosh! This is being so forking hard!!! (Yeah, Forking! Is any of you watching “The Good Place on Netflix?) So the first thing on my list is to stop smoking… What am I doing to stop smoking? Well, I bought a Nicocig and I’m trying to get used to it.

The hardest thing for me about stop smoking is that I consider smoking my “break Time” so whenever I’m tired or just need a break from what I’m doing I just go get a cigarette. So I have to break this habit of associating the having a break with the cigarette. Wish me good luck.

Have the Courage of My Convictions

Coming from a very bad period of my life, this year I must have the courage of my convictions. By saying this I mean that I must stop worrying about what other people may think about me and just own this new me and go on with my intentions and convictions…

I must also stop thinking about career and corporate life… I never wanted this anyway. I became the “Manager” because somehow this is what I thought would make my family proud. Well, I love you dad but, this shark eats shark kind of life to build a career doesn’t make any sense for me anymore so I’ll just go on following my dreams…

Yoga & Meditation

Yes, go back to Yoga and Meditation… I stopped when I started the new job cause I didn’t have time and strength anymore but, now no excuse.

Cut Sugar & Eat Healthier

Well, that’s gonna be hard but lets cut the sugar. Damn it, this is already making me feeling forking sad but, I’ll try. Eat healthier I mean cut the white bread, I already stopped drinking Coca-Cola so now I “just” have to cut the white bread, butter (here in England butter is so damn good), meat and so on… I have to welcome vegetables and fruits to my life and start eating greens!!!

Be Grateful & Put Me First

So, grateful is something I used to be so much! I used to write down all the time all the things I was grateful for. Suddenly I stopped and I forgot how amazing my life is regardless of all that was happening at work. My life is not what happens at work, at the end of the day it was just a job! But, because I was raised by a Manager (a really big one) I heard all day, all my life how work is in the first place and how family and personal life just have to happen around free possible times around work. So it’s normal to cancel weekends, vacations, festivity and whatever illness you may have so that meetings and business travels can happen. Well, I changed my mind about this! Life is only one and work is part of it but, I’ll never get sick or put myself last because of a company.

So now, I’ll start my journal again and I’ll re-start writing all the amazing things I’m grateful for.

Start Reading

This is a funny one because who knows me well, knows that I read all the time. Well, I used to read all the time. After the problems I had I just couldn’t read and it is still a problem for me to read… I just can’t focus anymore. So now I decided to battle this and I bought a book from my favourite writer Sophie Kinsella and I’m trying to read.

Funny thing is that in the past I just read Kinsella books in August when I was on vacation. During the year I read books which were relevant to my work so I was continually studying to grow and become a better manager and grow my career. Now I cannot even look at them so they are all hidden in boxes and the e-books I just erased them from my phone and iPad.

Build a New Me

I’ll just be whatever I’ll want to be from now on and I won’t hide from anybody. At the moment I’m working with Crochet I’m making bags, clothes and lots of blankets. This makes me feel so happy! In the past, while I was searching for a job here in the UK I collaborated with a Famous Italian Stylist that worked for Missoni and I made two dresses for a project she had. Because of the way I was raised and the education I had as soon as I found a “real” job I stopped working with crochet. Now I’ll go back to what I wrote before the courage of my convictions and I’ll just do what I want and makes me feel happy.

That means that this new me will bring you a lot of colourful posts, a lot of funny books and series, and whatever will make me feel happy at that moment. Me On Focus as I wrote many times was created to inspire people to focus on them the only thing that I didn’t know at that time was that who wasn’t really focusing on itself was me.

Me on Focus

I’ll focus on making this year the best year.

Thank you for reading


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