The Danish Girl

This week, unfortunately, my Migraine is kicking hard so it’s hard to write what I’m doing for two reasons, first I’m not doing much besides taking pills and sleeping, second, I can’t really function, I can’t think consequence; I can’t write.

Yesterday I was feeling a lot better so I decided to watch “The Danish Girl”… what can I say it made me cry so much! At the same time made me think lots about love and acceptation.

I think every person should watch this movie with no judgement feelings, just watch it, see love.

Many times I hear friends talking about their partners and what I hear is I wish he/she would change to this and that…” I in the past had a relationship where my partner wanted me all the time to change something or accept his thoughts and totally change mine but, I always thought that it was wrong ’cause when you love a person you love everything even the things you don’t like or wouldn’t do yourself. Love is just love. When you love a person you love everything even if it hurts your heart to let the person go or be who they want to be, you just let them cause the thought of them not being happy would make you sad.

This movie is exactly this… She loves her husband so much that she decides to stay with him and fight with him so he would be happy with himself.

Pure love.

No ego, just love.

This is the kind of love every one of us should give and receive.

Have you watched the movie or read the book? Let me know your thoughts…


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