It’s Not about The Destination…

This use to be my Motto years ago… I never ever thought about what I wanted to achieve,  and who I wanted to be in life. The only thing that I wanted to do was work and have fun. When I say have fun I mean to enjoy life, family, and friends, travel, read books and laugh, yes, laugh a lot!

I never thought about being successful, reaching the seven-figure income that now we hear the Gurus talk so much about. It’s all about “I’ll help you to reach the seven-figure income” nos a days is all about being successful and success is measured by having a massive house, a massive boat, a massive closet full of luxury, lots of everything.

Now don’t take me wrong who wouldn’t like that? who wouldn’t like to have all these beautiful things that we see on Youtube, it’s all about unboxing videos where you see this very well dressed and confident ladies opening this fantastic boxes and take out this very expensive bags! I personally love looking at this videos I like seeing the happiness and the joy in the eyes of this ladies when they hold the item in their hands, it’s probably the same face I make when I’m about to eat my favourite food… I love seeing the joy in the eyes of people and of course, I like looking at the bags and shoes.

Even though in the past I was never worried about visualizing the life I wanted by thinking about things I wanted to buy I found myself in these months where I’m struggling to beat anxiety with depression to read various self-help books, in some of the books they say create a vision board with the things you want to achieve in life, with the things you wanna have and look at it every day and focus on achieving them, the universe will conspire on your favour and re-adjust to make you have these items… Going through this hard time of my life in a crazy self-beating therapy I somehow tricked my old brain by lying to myself and I started to think that I’m not successful because I don’t have a Villa I started to measure the happiness of my life by the items I possess. So I started to look at houses I want to have, cars I want to drive, fancy places I want to visit, luxury clothes I want to wear and yesterday I decided that I was gonna print the pictures and create the vision board…

Bad Decision!

The moment I started to look at those things and thinking about putting them on the board the old manager in me came back with all its strength and power and started to yell at me!!!  “Hey, did you say board? Oh so things on the board mean problems to solve, so let’s start a plan, let’s start to work on procedures to make all this happen! Let’s analyze, calculate and put a project in place! Let’s think about productivity projects that will improve the financial health of this company (wait you are not in a company, whatever you are working from home) common no time to lose let’s do it, by the way, what’s the spending target and what is the cash flow?”

I felt the anxiety rushing and the need to take notes! Then I thought Gosh what am I doing to myself?! Do I really need all this pressure in life to be happy? Do I really need a 7 figure income to be happy? Do I really need the Villa? I know that if I work hard, focus and plan is possible, when you work hard there is no limit to what you can achieve. But the question is: Do I want to live my life with the destination on a board pressuring me all the time to arrive quick? Do I want to have these items on the board reminding me or better making me believe that my happiness depends on them? HECK NO!

Items are just items, they are just things… Which I’ll never love. My bags they are in the wardrobe forgotten I don’t think about them… Why do I want a boat that will limit my vacations? my brain would oblige me to use it! Why do I want a massive house to feel successful? am I gonna use all the bloody rooms every day? I looked at my house and remembered that I didn’t go to the living room the last 24 hours so if I would have a massive house it means I wouldn’t use all the rooms all the time so what’s the point? Do I really need to create a board with things that I don’t need as they say on the books? No, I don’t!

What I need is to live a happy life with no stress and pressure. What I need is to feel interior peace. I know what I’m capable of speaking about career and money. I know that anyone is capable of making money and tons of money. What I know is that if I’ll really want anything material I know how to make it happen. But, what I decided to do is to enjoy the journey of not pressuring myself with this vision board, what I decided to do is to go back to the old values that made me so happy.

Money, wealth is the consequences of your work it’s not a measurement system of your personal success!

Success cannot be measured by the amount of money/things a person have, cause anybody can make money but not everybody becomes successful…

I’ll enjoy the journey having the certainty that the destination is amazing and I’ll let life surprise with its wonderful destination.


It's not about the destination

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