Gratitude 5 Easy Steps

I won’t bother you guys on why Gratitude is so important! what I’m gonna do instead is to share with you guys how I work on Gratitude every day and how it changed my life.

We all know that positivity is the key to success but sometimes being positive it’s just hard, it’s impossible to go throughout the day with only positive thoughts, and when something bad happens, or when something doesn’t really work out the way we want the last thing that we are able to do is to think positive and go on… But Gratitude can change our thoughts immediately. Gratitude has the power to change our mood immediately and replace anger, sadness, and negativity straight away!

How? well easy! Pick up your phone, open the front camera look at yourself and say Thank You… You’ll see that immediately even if you don’t want, a shy smile will appear on your face… It’s automatic… Try again… So the simple act of looking at yourself and saying thank you already bought you smile, can you imagine what being thankful does for our lives? Gratitude changes everything!!! This is one of the tricks I use to fool my mind from negativity, below you’ll read the others.

  1. Every morning my husband and I send to each other our Gratitude Log by email. So every morning while he is having his coffee he writes what he is grateful for and sends it to me. Later on, when I wake up I read his Gratitude Log and I write down my gratitude log and send it to him. I noticed that since we started to do this I feel happier, I feel more appreciated and I feel happy to know what my husband is grateful for. Usually, we write 10 things we are grateful for plus one so in total eleven. It goes from being grateful for being married to each other up to be thankful for the blessings we receive each day. Sharing your Gratitude Log with the person you love improves your relationship and makes you start the day with positivity and love.
  2. During the day is normal to have moments where you are not very happy. You might have moments of frustration, you might get upset about something, well is in this moments that gratitude can totally flip your day, your mood and the point of view of that determined event. What I do is: I stop and I say thank you for this I now decide to see (whatever problem) with love. This my friends change everything. I immediately feel better and yes the problem is still there it doesn’t disappear in front of my eyes, but what changed is that now I have the tranquillity to think better and usually I understand that is not worth it to be preoccupated and I go on with my day.
  3. Sometimes it happens that you really want something and it doesn’t work! Gosh, this used to frustrate me so much that I couldn’t even cope with my own self. Now? Well, now I know that if it didn’t work it’s because it’s not meant to be and something better is coming my way so I fill my heart with Gratitude and I say Thank you. It calms me and guess what? somehow it then works out…
  4. While cooking: (By the way, this is my favorite time of the day to be grateful) While I wash the items I’m gonna cook, while I’m cutting the ingredients, while I’m mixing the souce, while I’m flipping the eggs, while I do whatever I have to do to prepare the food for my family I thank the universe (God) for the blessing of having the food to cook, for having a kitchen, a house, and I focus on the blessings my family will receive while eating the food so I say to myself  Thank you for giving vitamins to my family, thank you for bringing ebergy to my family, I start thanking the unverse for the health, I aslo thank the universe for having a family to cook for. What I realized since I started to be grateful while cooking is that my family is calmer… The little boy falls asleep earlier and I realized that I myself don’t feel so full and I’m even losing weight.
  5. Before bed, I thank the Universe for being alive. For being Healthy and for living in a peaceful country.

It’s magical how this simple act of being grateful changes your life in such a short period.

I also want to thank you all for reading me, for sending me emails and comments, for following me on social media. It’s amazing how many cool and interesting people I met since I started blogging. I do really feel that we are building a community where we all wish only the best to each other. Thank you so much for all of you!








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