Liberate Yourself from Negative People

WOW! March is already here! Where has the time flown that’s incredible!

Well, I would like to start this month by cleaning my soul and spirit from negativity…

Have you ever felt drained and tired after a conversation with a colleague, friend or family member?

Have you ever gone to meet a person feeling super happy and then suddenly after meeting with this person you felt negative?

Have you ever dealt with people that like to create drama, see problems everywhere and always try to find a reason to start a discussion?

To me, it happened many times! And it felt horrible!

I felt horrible with myself by thinking and feeling that the person harmed my life… I felt ashamed of judging the person. I felt that I didn’t have the right to feel the way I was feeling and most of all I didn’t want to hurt the persons’ feelings by ending the relationship…

Are we allowed to end a relationship (friend, colleague etc..) because of the way we feel when around that person? Are allowed to be selfish by putting our feelings first?

Yes! We definitely are!

We must love yourself first and take the decision of removing the toxic from our life to be able to grow to better human beings and to be happy and free of stress, but how can you stop seeing a person that makes you feel bad without hurting their feelings? Well at some point you’ll have to choose yourself over that person… The best way is, to be honest, saying how you are feeling and wait for the reaction if the person cares enough about your friendship she\he will try to change if not then I guess the friendship just ended and to be honest it’s better like that!

When I came to the realization that the person was toxic and I just couldn’t deal with the person no more due to the negativity that she/he was bringing to my life I fought hard against myself because I liked the person and didn’t want to end the friendship but, slowly I came to the realization that I was unhappy and always worried about what was coming next, what kind of drama and stress would the person bring next. Till at some point I just said no, explained how I was feeling wishing to the person all the best but far away from me.

Well, I can tell you that I felt relieved. I felt very happy. It seemed like a big rock just fell off my shoulders and finally, I had peace… and peace of mind, feeling peace when around people is very important to our well being, so we shouldn’t think twice about estranging ourselves from the negativity.

Estrange yourself even in negative work environments. Estrange yourself from following negative people on social media and if social media is not making you feel well than estrange yourself from social media.

To change our lives for better, we need to estrange all the negativity.

We need to love ourselves and learn how to be happy alone with our own self.

I’ll learn to Love Me, Myself and I first, to able to Love Others.

Me on focus

Thank You for reading 🙂



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