Why “Me On Focus”

Today I would like to Re-blog our first blog post with all of you to remind you and myself why this blog was made. The purpose behind Me On Focus and how I wish you all put yourselves ON FOCUS.

Thank you for reading 🙂

The Reparation Act

For a long time, I focused a lot on behaving in a way that I thought it would be the best to make people like me, to attract men and friends. Most of the times I found myself dressing in way that would make women envy, I wanted them to look at me and feel angry because they didn’t look as good as I did (crazy!) I worked out and diet to look the best I could… would spend hours looking at clothes and trying them on imagining what would people think, what would be their reactions and thoughts. I even imagined conversations of what I was going to say when they would tell me how beautiful I looked…
I felt powerful, depending on what I was wearing my walk would change, but the worst thing was that my behaviour also changed… depending on what I was wearing I would…

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