The Power of Mantras & Affirmations

From today you all see that we started a new phase in our blog. A phase that has more to do with our inner health. The health of our Soul.

Before we start to speak about the importance of Mantras and Affirmations I would like to take just a moment to share with you the researches of the water researcher Dr. Emoto who discovered that the structure of water is affected by words, prayers, music and so on…

Dr. Omoto’s water crystal experiment studied how words, affirmations, prayers, and intentions affect the structure of the water on a molecular level. Love per example created beautiful symmetrical water crystals, hate instead created deformed crystals. So the energy and intention behind the words create lasting negative or positive effects on the water…

Thinking that we as human beings are of 70% made of water can you imagine how deeply we are affected by words? Can you imagine what causes we make to our body by being negative or being around negative people?  Imagine how negativity affects our minds… But the most important thing is how positively we can change our lives by deciding to change our thoughts and views.

Think about how special we are! we are able to change everything by changing our minds.

My father used to say that only ignorant people don’t change their minds, intelligent people change their mind as many times as it is necessary to make it right.

Affirmations and Mantras give us powerful support to change our thoughts instantly.

The difference between Mantras and Affirmations is how you decide to use it. Affirmations are motivational and Mantras are sacred.

Affirmations are specific statements that help you fight against self-sabotaging, they create a wall against your negative thought so when you feel you are starting to feel negative the affirmation helps you to transform the thought of feeling immediately.

The mantra is a Sanskrit word MaMindTrathat which protects“. Its a prayer recited aloud and repeated internally during meditation.

My understanding, though affirmations are also a prayer, they are a cry (in desperate moments) to our mind to get out of the negative limbo that it in or about to enter.

Whatever you wanna call it my friend it really doesn’t matter. If you are more logical call it affirmation if you are more spiritual call it Mantra, the important thing at the end of the day is to train our brain to be positive and to connect to the universe.

Me On Focus decided to call it Mantra.

Every day at 7 am (London time) we will post the Mantra of the day if you like the Mantra if it connects with your inner guide create a reminder on your phone and set up an alarm so you’ll see the Mantra throughout the day. When the reminder comes up on your phone take a minute to breathe slowly and repeat the Mantra to yourself and let the Universe do the rest… If you prefer to get inspired, set your own Mantra.

Praying, Meditation, Mantra, Affirmations &, etc has nothing to do with religion so even if you don’t have a religion or a belief please believe in yourself (which at the end of the day is the most important) and take your time to recite your Mantra or your affirmation throughout your day.

“The Universe Conspires so That you can Receive Everything Your Mind Desires”

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful week and if you wish to write yours today’s mantra in the comments.

Thank you for your support, the month of February was amazing for us because of all of you reading us and sending us your comments and emails! If you wish to be part of our community follow us on Instagram & Facebook  




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