Forgive Yourself… 

Today I would like to Re-Post a Post about how to Forgive Yourself. It is always important to be kind to ourselves.
Thank you for Reading

The Reparation Act

Forgive Yourself…

How easy is it to forgive others? I think that most of us onrush would say “very hard” but if you think and don’t say your answer out loud the answer will be easy… we forgive friends, family members and yes we do forgive things that are hard to forgive but somehow we do, we do forgive… and go on talking to the person and even if it hurts we still love that person and makeup thousands of excuses to still be able to love that person…
Now the question is how easy is it for you to forgive yourself? For me is particularly hard!!! So hard that sometimes I wish to be able to go back to do things totally differently… I remember days and nights spent in bed imagining to go back in time and changing everything or most of it…
I would lose time in…

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