Morning Mantra *4

I Honour My Spirit and Trust My Vibes!

We feel it inside ourselves… we are not sure where it comes from and sometimes we are hesitant to follow it…

What is it?

Some people call it vibe, some other calls it inner soul most of us call it gut.

Our Inner Soul sends us the right Vibe, it never lies, it never confounds itself so that means that it never confounds you!

Close your eyes and repeat today’s Mantra: I Honour My Spirit and Trust My Vibes

Close your eyes breath slowly repeat the mantra and imagine your spirit in front of you, tell it that you trust its vibes. Let the vibration fill you and give yourself time to embrace.

Today set the reminder on your phone, set the alarm and remind yourself throughout the day that You Honour Your spirit and Trust it’s Vibes.

We are never alone. You are Never Alone!

Our Spirit is always with us we just need to let go and trust!

Have a Great Day! You will have a Wonderful Day!

My spirit Meonfocus

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