Morning Mantra *5

Friday! Last working day of the week…

Today I would like you to think about your week… All the great accomplishments of your week.

Yes, Accomplishments!!!

All the things big and small that you did this week are accomplishments and, must be celebrated because they are approaching you to your dreams. They helped you to get nearer to your target!

You are fulfilling your purpose and you must remind that to yourself!

From the moment you stepped into this world you were given a purpose and you are fulfilling it.

It doesn’t matter if at this moment while you are reading me you might think that you don’t really know the purpose. It doesn’t matter if you thought “A” was the purpose and suddenly something changed and the purpose is “B” and you feel insecure. It doesn’t matter what the actual situation is right now… What matters now is that you must understand and deeply believe that you are fulfilling that purpose! Why? Because you are! You might not understand now because you cannot see the bigger picture yet, but the universe knows how to get you where you belong and trust that you are fulfilling the purpose in this world and the Universe is opening all the gates for you to enter.

Close your eyes, smile, trust believe and repeat today’s mantra:


Repeat as many times as you need until you feel your soul smiling in rejoice.

Set the reminder on your phone to remind you throughout the day that you are fulfilling your purpose in this world and set the alarm so you can close your eyes for just those 10 seconds enough to remind you how happy the Universe is for having you Fulfilling Your Purpose in this World.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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