Morning Mantra *6

I Deeply And Completely Accept Myself!


Let’s relax and give some cuddles to our Soul by accepting ourselves exactly how we are…

Accept yourself… You had a long journey to arrive at this moment, to this age, to this person that you are today. Your journey was carved with experiences that enriched yourself and taught you the lessons that you are going to be able to share to help somebody that is or will be facing the same things you faced.

Look at yourself with admiration cause you were able to stay strong and firm.

Love yourself!

Love your faults and love your victories.

Be thankful for the difficulties that moulded your strong self.

Think about your victories and achievements, be thankful but stay humble.

Look at the beautiful human being you are and accept yourself with joy and gratitude.

Be grateful for every little cell which is now regenerating inside your body. Be grateful for your Soul for its unique beauty and strength.

Close your eyes and repeat to yourself the mantra as many times as you wish:


Deeply thank yourself for being alive. You are important to this world.

Think about your loved ones and deeply and completely accept them the way they are.

Write a message to someone you love and you feel needs to know he/she is accepted and let them know that You deeply and completely accept them.

Set a reminder on your phone and set the alarm for as many times you wish so that you can be reminded throughout the day that you Deeply and Completely Accept Yourself.

Have a great Saturday!



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