Morning Mantra *8

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Be the Energy You Want to Attract!

Take few minutes and visualise your day… every step that you are gonna take today. Try to visualise yourself getting ready, getting to the place you have to go ( work, study, drop the kids at school and etc), visualise the people you are going to meet and talk or work with… visualise meetings, what are you gonna say if you are anxious or nervous about something important you have to do try to visualise the conversation you are gonna have… visualise the person in front of you, visualise what they are gonna say. Think about the details. Visualise exactly how you want the day to be and visualise exactly the results you want to have.

Yes, today is all about visualisation! What your mind can imagine is what you are going to attract so be positive and work on your favour.

What you want to achieve today you will achieve! Your energy is strong and powerful! You are powerful!

Take your time to visualise, focus on your energy!

Now set reminders with the alarm for a few times during today so you can take those few seconds to repeat the exercise.

Have a great day! I’m sure you will…

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