The Power of Prayer

A Little Disclaimer before you start reading 🙂

When we say Pray, Prayer or Praying we immediately have that image of a person on their knees in a church reciting some kind of prayer. It doesn’t matter what is the religion we have this image… So before I start writing I want to let you know as I do every time I write about something that might create arguments that I won’t speak about any religion, we will speak about the importance and the power prayer has to our life but not naming religions and not giving any name to a force above us, here on Me On Focus we are going to call it Universe.  So if you are religious, or a believer in any religion please feel free to use the name you normally refer to.


I personally am a believer, I believe in the force of the universe, I’m a firm believer that there is a power that guides us and helps us.

I pray and since I experienced some problems in my life that you probably read about on some older posts (What Happened #1) I started to pray very often. Praying to the Universe helped me to get better and is helping me every day more and more because it calms me and it makes me feel good. When I close my eyes and I pray I feel the vibrations of the Universe hugging me and this automatically makes me feel stronger. Everything that I write in this blog is things that I did or do in a daily basis that works and so I feel free to share with you guys because I know that your life will change as I did.

We are waking up every day to the Me On Focus Mantras (Morning Mantra *12) this are little prayers to ourselves… Believe me that praying to our soul is a game changer. We as human beings we need love and the best love that we can receive is the love that we give to ourselves. When we love ourselves we take care of ourselves we don’t let anything and anybody get on our way to happiness. When we love ourselves we respect ourselves more and we act upon making the best decisions in our lives acting out of fear.

Fear! Fear is our biggest enemy. Fear is the what keeps us from doing things that make us happy and one form of beating fear is praying. Yes, my friend when you feel the fear inside of you the best weapon that you have is a little prayer, a little mantra that can be something like this: “I Am Fearless! I Now decide to See Love instead of Fear!”

When we started our Morning Mantras posts I wrote about The Power of Mantras & Affirmations and prayers are the same thing just longer. I, for example, pray before I fall asleep, what I do is to think about the day being thankful about everything good or bad, I think about the next day being grateful already cause I have the certainty that the universe will help me to make it a great day. I thank the universe for all the blessings (family, health, etc…) and I pray the Universe and my Soul. Usually, my prayers are longer mantras that I formulate during the day, I’m sure that if you already started to meditate with us 5 minutes every morning you already have some of your own mantras written, the evening prayer nothing is but a longer mantra with a gratitude exercise.

In prayer ask for guidance, Ask your Inner Guide, ask the Universe to guide you to open the door to success and abundance in your life. Ask the Universe to treat you with love and care and tell the Universe exactly what you need to be and feel happy. Believe, trust and be firm and strong because the Universe is working to get you what you need.

We need to feed our Inner Guide (soul) with as much love as we can. We need to be grateful to the Universe and also have clear what we want so the Universe can work in our favour… Prayers come directly from our heart, prayers are sincere and humble.

Try to dedicate 5 minutes in the morning by meditating with our Mantra and try to give yourself those 10 minutes before falling asleep to pray.

Example of a Prayer that I love I got it from Gaby Bernstein.


I want to thank all of you for reading me, for following me on Instagram, for writing to me and for following this blog that I love so much. Writing is my happiness. I’m so very grateful to all of you and wish you all the best. Thank you so MUCH!



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