Morning Mantra *13

How many times we start thinking about what we would like to do or achieve and stop and tell ourselves “well when I’m gonna feel ready I’ll do it”  or how many times we have a great idea but we don’t speak up during the meeting and so the meeting ends and we are left with that feeling of failure. How many times you didn’t find the courage to speak with that person you wanted to meet so much? How many times you kept yourself from being happy held back by the fear of something…?

Well, today is another day and you won’t hold yourself back because of fear or doubt… Today you will take the first step towards understanding that Everything You Need is already inside of you! No need to search for the right moment, for the right whatever makes you feel more secure because its all inside of you.

Now how can you find what you need inside of you? Well. it will seem hard but it isn’t. We as Human Beings are specialist on surviving and finding solutions here I’ll give you some exercises that work for me, try them and develop some of your own, change the exercise depending on your needs and let me know how it worked for you.

So here is what you got to do:

  1. Think about your day. Think about what you want to achieve it doesn’t have to be long is enough a short phrase (example: “have the courage to say no”) think about in what situation you will need to say no… imagine yourself saying it and how you are going to feel after saying it. Imagine how happy you are going to feel and benefits you are gonna have from it.
  2. You are going to feel the fear so repeat the mantra “Everything I’m Searching for is Already Inside of me” close your eyes repeat it a few times.
  3. Re-think about what you want to achieve during the day and repeat the mantra.

You will feel charged, you will feel that the fear is not there anymore what you are feeling now is excitement your brain now can’t wait to act. You are now in Charge!

Breath in and out slowly and repeat the mantra.

If you have more than 5/10 minutes try to journal, journaling is very important to get you focused and also is good to keep track of your improvements one year from now you can go back read and see by yourself how many positive changes you have made.

Our Mantra is a little Meditation exercise that helps us improve our day… Try to set reminders on your phone with a pleasant alarm so you can close your eyes breath in and out slowly repeating the Mantra this will give you the serenity to go on with your day in peace.

Nothing is better than being able to control ourselves, the way we feel and how we react towards our day. One simple break to breath and dedicate some attention to your soul changes your whole day.

Write in the comments your favourite Mantra. Let me know if you are meditating with us every morning and how it is working for you…

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Morning Mantra

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