Morning Mantra *14

How many times you were about to do make a change in your life? How many times you were about to take a big step? How many times you were about to do something new and somebody said the wrong thing at the wrong moment and you stopped yourself? Later, you found that that thing worked well, that, that job was amazing, that the person you were about to speak with was very good and you missed the opportunity to meet her/him.

Many times I guess right?

What stopped you?

The answer is fear!

Yes, fear (as I wrote in many posts) is our biggest enemy. Fear is what decides if we are going to act or if we will stay passive watching our life pass by…

So when we are about to make a decision that is gonna change our life it doesn’t matter if big or small we tend to ask advice or we tend to think about the past, about past experiences and we then take action most of the times not taking the step.

Today’s Mantra is very special because it’s a mantra that should follow you every day of your life.

I Trust Myself:

Yes, you have the obligation to trust yourself because you must be your best friend, you must mother yourself and work on your behalf always!

I trust My Instincts:

We have instincts, our gut… And yes, our instincts work perfectly and always in our favour. We must trust our instincts and follow them. No regrets just follow your instincts.

Above Anyone Else:

And yes yes yes to this because we must trust ourselves beyond anybody else because only we know what we want. Even if we are shy on saying out loud what we want, even if sometimes our what we want seems so crazy that we don’t even want to think about it afraid of our own thoughts we know what we want, we know exactly what would make us happy.

We know our deepest desires

we know what makes our heart sing out loud from joy.

We know exactly what we want.

So today make a decision!

Decide that from now on you are going to be your best friend.

Today make the decision that you are going to treat yourself and your soul as a caring mother. You are going to baby yourself.

Close your eyes… 

Breath slowly… 

Repeat the mantra… 

I Trust Myself and My Instincts Above Anyone Else

Give yourself time… 

Save the Mantra set it up as a reminder for as many times as you think you need to read it during the day. Set the alarm so you can stop for just those 20 seconds enough to put yourself on track again. It doesn’t matter where you are you can breathe slowly and repeat your mantra to yourself. It will change your day. Give yourself this treat.

Morning Mantra

Have a wonderful day! Spring is here we are all happy!

Thank you for reading…


Mantra Meditation

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