Month: April 2018

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Morning mantra

Morning Mantra *21

Saturday is a great day to dedicate some gratitude to our body and soul.

The Gift of Life is Keeping Me Alive 

Let’s repeat our today’s Mantra slowly with our eyes closed… The Gift of Life is Keeping Me Alive, let’s think about this MAntra for a minute, let’s think about how fortunate we are for being able to live. How fortunate we are that we are here now no matter the circumstances, no matter the problems or issues we are facing right now we are alive. Sometimes is hard to think about our life as a gift but it is… We were chosen by the Universe to live we are amazingly fortunate.

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You Are The Creator

You Create Your Own Universe as You go Along…

-Winston Churchill-

I receive many questions on how to manifest the life you want, the life you wish and dream of every time you lay your head on the pillow… and I’m sure many of you manifest without even knowing that you are manifesting… and you know why? Because it’s a natural thing we are born with the ability to manifest, we as human beings are energy and we attract things in our lives, in good and bad, the only thing that we must understand is that we must control this power.