I’m Grateful for Health

Hello All,

during March, we worked very hard setting up the Blog’s new look, writing down a plan and a schedule for April. So many good ideas came up and so many new projects were about to start and to be launched here on our blog Me On Focus…

But, unfortunately, while my mind was going very very fast and while I was so excited about everything my body left me behind… Is there anything worse than having all your plans slip between your fingers like sand? Yes, of course, there are millions of worst things that might happen but, for me the morning I woke up with a migraine I thought there was nothing worst that could have happened and I fall into desperation hating every part of my body, I was so angry, so angry, so angry that my usual self-control didn’t make its way up to kick me back to usual positive me…

My mind knew that I was entering in the limbo of no return… one bad thought after another and anger can only bring…: Bad things!!! And guess what Shit got worst! And… Only bad things happen afterwards!

What started as a migraine… Became a kidney infection! After two days of strong migraines, I woke up in the morning and when I tried to get up I just couldn’t!!! Atrocious pain! I won’t hide that I cried and hated, even more, every bit of myself… I felt so useless, I felt so frustrated all the deadlines in front of me and I couldn’t move because of the pain in the back do to the kidneys infection and at the same time, the migraine was on the highest pick…

Deeply stressed an emotional I had the “wonderful” idea of taking sumatriptan pills for migraine and codeine for the pain of the kidneys… Yeas, I know! Totally forking crazy! The result? Well, I was totally drugged, which was “good” I fall into a deep sleep and didn’t think about the pain and the didn’t have time to think negatively.

The days passed exactly 4 to be precise and finally,y I came back to my normal state of mind… The kidney pain was still bad but thankfully the migraine was gone so I could finally think and hear my thoughts and the mind awakening came… A voice inside of me was peacefully reminding me that until I was wouldn’t change my thoughts I wouldn’t get better… That until I would be so ungrateful towards my body would continuously respond negatively by giving me back pain and infections…

Diseases most of the time have a spiritual cause, Kidneys infections are related to anger, disappointments, failures and apathy for the present moment… Also low self-esteem… So my kidney infection was the response for my reaction to the migraines…

Finally thinking with the right mindset I decided to write a message to my friend which heals herself with natural medicine and with affirmations and mantras and told her everything that was happening, she told me to drink a lot of water with lemon and to make green juices repeating the mantra “I Am Healthy, Thank you for my Health” and so I did! The next day the pain was still there but I could walk straight! The second day the pain was there but I could walk normally and sit down… The third the pain was almost gone. Today I can still feel a little pain in the lower back but I know I’m healed!

This last 10 days really made understand the power of our thoughts and emotions! I can seriously understand now how important it is to always see love instead of anger, what I did to myself is self-harm and from now on I shall seriously focus on my body and mind to don’t allow my emotions to harm me, self-control, positive thoughts and self-love are essential in our life.

We will dive into healing our bodies with affirmations and mantras, your mindset can make you sick but it can also heal you and this from now is something I want to learn more and more.

I apologise to my readers, I know we were supposed to start this month with posts every day, podcast, youtube videos, recipes and etc… Now that I’m almost recovered I’ll focus to catch up with the work that was left behind we have some very cool things coming this month… The thing I’m most excited about is the amazing people we will interview this month.

I want to leave this post today asking you to close your eyes for one minute and thank your body for being healthy and strong… Think about every cell of your body and thank it… Think about every organ and say thank. Finish your 1-minute meditation repeating the mantra “I Am Healthy and Strong, My Body is Healthy and Strong. Thank you Body for being Healthy and Strong”

Thank you all for reading me, thank you so much for following Me On Focus on social media we are so many and I am so grateful to each one of you, I want to hear from you and to get to know you please comment the blog, comment the pictures, send me private messages or emails I’ll answer you all. Thank you so much.

So I leave this post today with my heart full of gratitude and wishing you all Abundance of everything you wish.


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