You Are The Creator

You Create Your Own Universe as You go Along…

-Winston Churchill-

I receive many questions on how to manifest the life you want, the life you wish and dream of every time you lay your head on the pillow… and I’m sure many of you manifest without even knowing that you are manifesting… and you know why? Because it’s a natural thing we are born with the ability to manifest, we as human beings are energy and we attract things in our lives, in good and bad, the only thing that we must understand is that we must control this power.

Now how can we control ourselves and manifest only what is good for us?


Journaling is the easiest way to manifest and to control what we want!

But, first of all, before starting our manifestation exercise is important to remember that we must have our hearts filled with gratitude… Yes, I know! When we don’t have what we want yet and our life is not going as we would wish gratitude becomes very hard… We sit and think about what to be grateful for and nothing comes! Well, when this happens to look at your hands on how they are important to you, on how they wash your face, on how they feed you. We never think about our hands but without them, we would have a very hard life so let’s thank them.

When our heart is full of gratitude and you feel the beautiful energy on your body start Journaling… Try to have a separate notebook just for manifestation and gratitude, try to have a powerful mantra on the front page… You all know my favourite Mantra:

“Abundance Comes Into My life in Surprising and Miraculous Ways”

As when we were little we would start writing on our diary with the typical phrase “Dear Diary”, the only difference is that we are not writing to the diary but we’re writing to ourselves and sending a message to the Universe.

Another example that can be used to better explain “Manifestation” and how to manifest is to imagine that you are doing shopping online clicking on the items you want and adding them to the shopping cart… The great thing about this kind of shopping is that you are not paying you will receive everything you want for free… Isn’t it amazing?

You might tell me: Hey, I don’t know exactly what I want I cannot manifest! Yes, you can… You don’t have to have it all figured out to start… You can start by writing simple things or just one thing that you would like to achieve and you will see that slowly step by step you will find out exactly what you want.

But let’s go to our exercise…

Manifesting with the use of a Journal is the best thing you can do because you will stay focused, another great thing is that you can use what you wrote every day during your meditation.

An important trick when reading your journal is to read what you wrote following every word with your finger as when you were learning how to read as a little child, this helps you to stay focused.


I want to travel the world and work from the country I am currently visiting. 

Reread the phrase following it with your finger… Close your eyes and imagine yourself working from the place you want to be working from and try to imagine the smell of the air, the temperature and weather of that day, look around and imagine people around you, look at yourself and imagine what kind of clothes you will be wearing. Hey, What are you drinking? Tell yourself what you are doing… 

Many think that journaling takes a long time and don’t even start thinking that there is no time to journal every day… Well, you don’t have to journal every day to manifest the life of your dreams you just have to read what you already wrote.

Ask yourself what you want and get it starting today.


Thank you


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