Humble and Forgiven

I don’t usually read the news but, scrolling the Facebook home it happens to see some random news from somewhere in the world and today as I scroll my Facebook feed I read “A wrongly convicted man who was paid $75 for 31 years of prison finally gets justice”, I opened the article and I get to read about a man in Tennesse, Lawrence McKinney who spent 31 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and finally after being released he was only paid $75 and had to find a lawyer to help him to get justice!

I thought that I would read the story of an angry man that would lay all his frustration (rightful frustration) against the government, the state, the institutions. I thought I was gonna read how he felt abandoned by the family and so on…

Well, I didn’t! The only thing Lawrence wanted when he hired the lawyer was to clean his name, he wanted a formal exoneration from the Governor’s Office and it wasn’t easy but, at the end he got it and not only he also got 1 Million Dollars.

Lawrence said he was happy to have the money so at least he wouldn’t have to work as hard as he worked in prison he continues by saying ” In prison, I had to work so hard for nothing, my blessings and praise go out to God and number two my pastor he has always been there for me and my church has always been behind me. But my wife has really been right hand, she has always been there for me”

To my surprise no words of hate! No self-pity and not in one moment a hint of revenge or something… A truly humble man, thankful to the people who helped him through this journey of hell and thankful to God! Lawrence Pastor said that he is so used to injustices that now he is trying to get his head around what justice looks like… “Lawrence is a Humble man who cares more about the time he has left in life than the past or the amount of money in his name, he hasn’t shown much interest in the money side of it, he wanted his name cleared, and the amazing thing, he wasn’t angry at anybody.

Lawrence said he holds no grudges for the years spent in prison he says God took away all the anger from his heart. He continues “If people paid attention to the situation that I went through, they’d see it’s just a blessing!”

Why am I writing this piece of information from a news feed? Because I was surprised that after so much pain this man could be so humble and peaceful to come out feeling nothing but gratitude and humility.

Every day we wake up in our beds and we feel angry at so many little things, for example, today my computer didn’t want to turn on and suddenly I started to get mad at the computer, then at the charger, at Apple thinking about changing the computer for a Microsoft… I was planning how I would write an email to apple to let them know what a crappy job they made with this new freaking MacBook that didn’t even want to turn on itself… WTF!!! And then I stopped and I was like, what? You are mad because of this? really? Is this really affecting your mood so much? Is this little issue worth the stress you are making your soul go through? No, it isn’t! And all these thoughts that I’m writing today to you guys this is thoughts that ran through my mind maybe for 30 seconds? Maybe not even so long but, this made me realize how we human beings think negatively and with hate normally daily and who knows how many times a day we do that… How many do we say “WTF” or “S..T” during our day…?

And then from nothing I read this news and I realize how long the journey still is to reach that peace of mind to just let go every angry thought and just relax and just be calm appreciate the gift that we have “Life” and “Freedom” and do our best to take care of our soul by being forgiven and appreciative in every moment of our life…

How many times I got angry at a friend that said something wrong and then I went on with the feeling of having been betrayed… How many times in the car I had hatred thoughts about a person that did something wrong… How many times I got super angry and shouted at the poor lady that called trying to sell me some kind of insurance… And then reading a feed on Facebook a discover a man that really suffered something imaginable, the biggest injustice a man can possibly suffer and his answer to all this are: Humbleness, Humility, Joy, Gratitude and Forgiveness…

Every Day Is A New Lesson…

You can listen to the Podcast version of today’s post here




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