How To Reverse Negative Thoughts

We all know that Negative Thoughts are a big no-no for our mental health but, how can we reverse our thoughts fast enough to make our day go back to the right track?


I know some of us when imagining Meditation we immediately say “I ‘ve got no time for this” imagining that we must be wearing our Yoga pants, sit in Lotus Position and Meditate for one hour or so listening to some very “boring” relaxing music…

Not At All my Friends.

Meditation has no rules and it can be done sitting on your chair at work in just 30 seconds… You can Meditate any time and anywhere for as long as you wish and it will work as well as if you would meditate for hours on a Yoga mat.


Controlling your breathing for a few moments breathing slowly and deeply. For example, if you are at work you can take a short pause to go to the bathroom or if you can, step outside of the building and breath deeply hold it for 3 seconds and exhale repeat this few times and you will already feel better.

After breathing you will see that even if you don’t want to, a shy smile will appear on your face… Your lungs will feel so much joy for receiving so much oxygen that will make all your body vibrate in satisfaction.

After your breathing, think, about something that made you happy today… For example, while you were going to work did you see a nice flower? A nice tree? Did you notice somebody smiling or a child giggling with his/her parents? Ask your subconscious to show a happy image that you unvoluntary saw this morning but didn’t stop to give it the attention…

Our subconscious sees everything but, most of the times we are so busy in our thoughts that we don’t give it the proper attention…

When you see the image thank the Universe for the gift of being able to see and feel beauty everywhere.

Now imagine yourself in front of you and thank yourself for being so strong and tenacious, thank yourself for being able to work so hard, thank yourself just because you are special!

Remember no matter what is your current situation, no matter what kind of struggles you are going through this does not define you or your future. What is happening today in a few minutes will be the past, and won’t matter anymore. Thank yourself for being able to go through it and say goodbye to whatever was a minute ago.

What happened doesn’t matter, what is happening now is momentary and it doesn’t define you… It will be the past in a blink…

Thank yourself and the universe and go back to what you were doing with the certainty that the Universe right now is moving and readjusting itself for you to succeed, have the certainty that you are not alone the Universe is always with you acting and working for you.

This moment of reflection and meditation might seem long but trust me it isn’t and is powerful enough to change completely the course of your day to better.

There is nothing you can’t achieve!

Trust yourself!

You are special and stronger than what you can even imagine.

I get very emotional when I write this kind of posts because many times in my life I wished somebody stopped me and told me these words. “Me On Focus” brings me joy every moment of my life and I hope you are right there reading me feeling the love and the desire that I have in my heart to see you happy and joyful.

Thank you All


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