Morning Mantra *21

Saturday is a great day to dedicate some gratitude to our body and soul.

The Gift of Life is Keeping Me Alive 

Let’s repeat our today’s Mantra slowly with our eyes closed… The Gift of Life is Keeping Me Alive, let’s think about this MAntra for a minute, let’s think about how fortunate we are for being able to live. How fortunate we are that we are here now no matter the circumstances, no matter the problems or issues we are facing right now we are alive. Sometimes is hard to think about our life as a gift but it is… We were chosen by the Universe to live we are amazingly fortunate.

You might think; “Hey Lucy how can I consider myself fortunate? I just lost my job, I’m in the middle of a divorce, I’m not healthy I’m battling to fight sickness, I’m in debt, I suffer from depression, anxiety… I don’t have enough money to make hands meet…”

My friend I understand you and I know exactly how it feels I myself went through quite tuff situations in my life where sometimes I didn’t how I what I was going to eat or where I was going to sleep that night. I completely understand the feeling of feeling lost, alone, the thought that comes into our head when facing situations that at that moment seem to have no answer and no solution… But one thing I know for sure… This situation that you are facing right now will end, it will come to an end very soon. Like you can never step on the same water on a river you will not stay stuck in this situation for long. You have the power inside you to decide to change the actual situation right now.


With gratitude!

I know it seems crazy what I’m writing but trust me one small thought of gratitude will send such a powerful message to the Universe that you will witness a change on the same day. From the moment you send gratitude vibrations in that exact second life will start readjusting itself for you.

I know is hard to be grateful if you are facing problems, if you are sad or ill but, be strong my friend and trust the Universe always has your back, Also at this moment you would be giving thanks to the Universe using a Mantra which is a prayer and we know prayers are very strong.

If you are facing a divorce or a break up with your partner your Mantra might be:

I know I’m going through this divorce for a reason that at this moment I cannot see, I know that the Universe is making changes so that I can find Joy and I’m grateful for it. Thank you, Universe.

If you are facing debt, if you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, Your Mantra might be:

Thank you Universe for showing me how strong I can be in this moment, I know money is coming my way in surprising and unknown ways, I’m ready to receive, Thank you I’m grateful.

If you are facing illness, battling depression or any other health problem, your Mantra might be:

Thank you Universe for giving me the time to focus on my health, Thank you Universe for making sure that I’m healthy I know that every second I’m getting better and better I’m ready to be cured and I’m grateful. Thank you.

So what happens when we give gratitude to the Universe by using Mantras is powerful! Some readers told me that during their Mantra meditation they feel a special vibration and they feel immediate relief and joy, I personally after reciting a Mantra I feel joyful all day no matter what happens if I’m in front of a situation where I feel a little bit stressed I repeat the Mantra and it calms me immediately. But when the Mantra is a Gratitude Mantra well is hard to explain because the vibration is so strong that many times I cry. I get very emotional feeling the Universe inside me and around me.

Today’s Mantra is a Gratitude Mantra, it has no thank you added but our subconscious when we say Gift automatically smiles and give thanks. Try to repeat it and paid attention to that little voice inside your head that will say thank you by its own after you say the word “Gift”:

The Gift Of Life Is Keeping Me Alive 

Every Mantra where you will have the word “Gift” is automatically a gratitude Mantra.

The Gift of Health is Keeping Me Alive…

The Gift of Abundance is Keeping Me Alive…

The gift of Joy is Keeping Me Alive…

The Gift of Strength is Keeping Me Alive… 

The Gift of Resilience is Keeping Me Alive…

The Gift of Wealth is Keeping Me Alive…

I encourage you today to take some time for yourself alone just you and the Universe and change your life.

I wish you wonderful Saturday full of Joy and Victories The Universe right now is working to give you what is already yours and I know You are ready to Receive!

Thank you for reading


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