Sunday Affirmation *1

Happy Sunday!

Sunday for most of us is the best day till about 5pm where we realise that tomorrow is Monday and we kinda get that second of “OMG, tomorrow is already Monday and it all starts all over again…!”  Well, today this won’t happen because you will be prepared to start the week with dazzle…

The tools that we are going to use today to make this new starting week the best week you can visualise are scientifically tested and proved to work 100% the most successful people in the world prepare themselves using the powerful tools of visualisation and manifestation and is easier than you think…

First I dream my painting, then I paint my dream…

Vincent Van Gogh

It all depends on you, on how you want it to be and what you want to achieve this week so what I’m going to write below must be changed according to your goals… If you wish to, take your journal or a piece of paper to help you be more focused.

Before you start your Visualising and Manifesting you need to clear your mind so take a moment to yourself and breath;

Inhale Slowly – Hold It for 3 Seconds – Exhale 

Repeat the breathing exercise as many times you feel the need… Our body and mind know exactly what we need to relax and get concentration.

Now we are ready to start to build our successful week.

Steps To Take:

  1. Visualise your goal for the week. What do you want to achieve? You can divide it in: Work, Health, Family & etc… Imagine yourself doing and achieving these goals and feel the joy of accomplishing all that you imagined deep inside. Imagine how you will feel, touch these goals with your hands.
  2. Now, visualise the people that you’ll be working with this week, visualise possible conversations that you will have, visualise responses that you want to get as positive. If you are waiting for an important answer imagine yourself receiving it and being joyful and grateful for it. If you want to move, or you want to get a salary raise a promotion, visualise it mentalise it with all your strength and feel the joy deep… deep inside your heart feel the joy and happiness of the moment you are achieving it…
  3. If you are having a bad moment with your partner, spouse or colleague maybe a friend… visualise this person and feel the love and compassion inside yourself even if you are not the one that made the mistake feel inside yourself the feeling of forgiving this person. Visualise this person excusing herself/himself and feel the joy inside of you and the love. Feel the empathy and forgive. Feel your heart is filled with gratitude towards the ability to be humble and being able to forgive. Feel the love and think about all the positive qualities of the person and be grateful.
  4. If your child is not listening and is not bringing the results in school you wished for… Mentalise and Visualise your child feel the empathy and forgive yourself for any guilt feeling you might feel. Visualise your child giving their best on what they are doing, visualise your child coming home holding proudly their test from school with an “A”, visualise their smile and visualise yourself cheering with them. Feel the joy inside you and give thanks, be grateful.
  5.  If you are having health problems, visualise and mentalise yourself healthy. Imagine yourself in front of you telling yourself that you are healthy. Visualise every cell of your body regenerating, visualise your body strong and powerful, visualise yourself in places you want to go with people you want to be with and be grateful.
  6. If you are having money problems, mentalise money, visualise yourself getting the job you want… Visualise yourself receiving unaccepted money. Visualise yourself cheering and celebrating with your family and friends the end of this bad moment. Visualise yourself in front of the mirror telling yourself how successful you are. “You Made It, I knew it, I Knew You Would Achieve Everything You Wanted, You Are Strong!” Feel it, touch the money you need and want and deserve.

Whatever you want to achieve this week write it down and mentalise in front of you as it is done and accomplished! Whatever is your goal, whatever is your dream you have the power and strength to make it happen. Remember if you see it in your visualisation is because you can and will achieve it.

After you done with your exercise stop for a moment! Repeat the breathing:

Inhale Slowly – Hold It for 3 Seconds – Exhale 

Now, let your mind fly through your week quickly like when you fast forward a movie… Now is Friday Evening… Visualise yourself lying in bed and is Friday evening feel the joy and immense gratitude for this fantastic week and rejoice in gratitude, thank yourself for all the achievements.

You Are Whatever You Want!

Meditate using today’s mantra everyday day of the week and as many times as you wish and feel… Set reminders on your phone, print the mantra and hang it up on the fridge, on the mirror do whatever your heart tells you to do and Visualise everything that your heart sings for.

The Universe is Readjusting Itself to Give You What Belongs To You:

Sunday Mantra


Be Grateful Every Second Of Your Life, Be Grateful For Giving Us All the Opportunity Of Having You In This World!

Thank you for reading and doing the exercises we wish you the life you want and deserve.


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