Motivation Monday Week 18

Mondays are not the most loved days of the week but hold the hope of a new beginning… Every day is a new opportunity to start over and Mondays are our blank paper waiting to be drawn by the actions that we are gonna take during the week.

Today on our Motivation Monday Week 18 we are going to talk about an Inspiring Human being that had the strength to fight to rebuild his life not once but innumerable times… Michael Nulty… Keep this name in mind because he will be soon one of the most known Self Development Authors and sure will reach incredible numbers with his writing.

Michael Nulty

Michale Nulty is the “Author of Getting Beyond What Is – Taking Back Your Life-“This book is a Manual, it contains important information of how our brain and mind works but, described easily without those big words that are hard to understand so it makes the reading very fluid it makes your reading and understanding very simple almost like a novel, at some points reading this book I felt like I had Michael in front of me speaking and explaining to me how to change my life almost in a paternal/ fraternal way. Michael was able to transmit peace and reassurance that it is possible to battle Depression and Win the Battle taking back your life but not only Michael gives us the tools to rebuild your life and become whatever you want.

Don’t Underestimate What You Think You Can Do… Change Can Bring New Skills and Confidence in Your Abilities That You Couldn’t See Before.

Michael Nulty

Michael Nulty Author

Michael Nulty has expanded knowledge of the Law Of Attraction, he was able to create amazing successful careers and be exceptional in all of them. Michael Nulty’s humility and acceptance of his experiences in good or bad are transmitted on his writing and you can feel his humanity in every word. He (as most of us) had many ups and downs and even during the low moments the sense of gratitude for being able to learn from the experiences teaches us to accept ourselves but at the same to be resilient and get back on feet.

Don’t Give Up! If You Can’t See Things Working Out and Changing Physically Right Now. Change Begins in Your Head Before You Ever See it in Reality…

Michael Nulty

Michael knows what he is talking about he went through depression himself, he had to fight with himself to understand who he was and to accept himself. He went through success and failure, he went through grieve and like a Phoenix, he was reborn from his ashes and succeeded.

When You Think You Can’t Change Your Prelieving Beliefs, Habits, Attitudes, Values, or Self-Worth, Remember they Were by You and One Point in Your Life, Therefore, You Really do Have the Power to Change Them.

Michael Nulty

Michael Nulty is the walking proof that we all needed to reassure ourselves that all that we are reading on books and blogs, listening on podcasts and seeing on movies and YouTube all this “New Age Philosophy” is not just fiction, is real and Michael proved it with his most honest and humble writing.

You Are Not What Has Happened To You, You Are What You Choose to Become Now From What Has Happened

Michael Nulty

We have the certainty that Michaels Book is a fundamental Key for those who want to change their lives from today on Motivation Monday. Don’t wait! Start the change today…! Grab your copy on Amazon 

This week you will get to know Michael Nulty better and on this Friday we will have an exclusive Podcast Interview where Michael will tell us all about his fantastic journey. You can listen to the podcast by searching for Me On Focus on your usual Podcast App, stay tuned because we will soon how to participate to our fabulous Give-Away and two of you can win a copy of “Getting Beyond What Is – Taking Back Your Life -” and a one-hour session with Michael Nulty

Make sure you get inspired every day and follow Michael Nulty on Social Media @michaelnultyauthor

Getting Beyond what is

Remember the Universe is impatiently waiting to give you the life you deserve, so please start now manifesting exactly what you want with no fear because you are entitled to joy and abundance it is your birthright!

Thank You for Reading


This Post is not a paid post, it’s an honest book review based on my thoughts.

Michael Nulty

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Lucy. May is the month of #mentalhealthawareness and so it’s important to reach out and tell the world that taking care of our mind and our mental health is our #1 priority.

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