Me On Focus Mental Exercise 1

Today is the first day of the month and is the right day to make the change you want to make in your life!

You know that feeling that you have at the beginning of each year…? Kind of like the same feeling you have when you start a new notebook, when you change jobs or when you move houses and so on… Starting from zero if you like… A New Adventure! Of course, we don’t need to wait the first day of the month to start but today is the 1st of May and I thought since most of us are home from work why not start today…

Today we are going to answer questions that are going to be hard on our mind, heart and soul but that is necessary to build a successful abundant future, also May is a very important month, is Mental Health Awareness Month so this post will be linked on our everyday posts so who missed the exercise today and wish to can start it any other day…

Our Me On Focus exercise will help you to define who you are, who you wish to become,

There will be many questions to answer so if you wish, send me an email and I will send you the PDF version of the exercise… ok?

As every exercise we will start dedicating some time to our soul and mind to get ready to open our mind… how do we do that? I guess for the ones that already follow me won’t be any news that we start having 3 minutes of breathing and meditation…


Repeat the breathing exercise as many times you wish and need, focus on your mind opening… ask the Universe to give you the Courage of Your Convictions, the Courage to be true to yourself, might sound funny but we constantly lie to ourselves to make us do what we have to do or what is more comfortable for us, instead of what we would like to do… or better what we must do to be able to have a better life.

When you are ready, start answering the questions below, write the answers in your journal or open a word doc as you wish…

Ready? 🙂

1. How I would Love my Life to be?

2. How I want to contribute to this world?

3. What makes me unhappy with my life right now?

4. What about my life makes me happy?

5. How does (the answer num. 4 makes me feel?

6. What am I proud of my life right now?

7. How does answer 6 make me feel?

8. What am I grateful for in my life right now?

9. How does answer 8 make you feel?

10. What am I enjoying in my life right now?

11. How does answer 10 makes me feel?

12. How can I make myself feel good?

13. How does answer 12 makes me feel?

14. What are the 5 most important goals?

15. How does answer 14 makes me feel?

16. What do I want to experience in Life?

17. How do I want to grow?

18. What are my top 5 goals in life?

19. How will I feel when I’ll achieve all my life goals?

20. What is most important in my life? 

21. What am I most passionate about?

22. What brings me most Joy?

23. What does a successful life look like for me?

24. What are my top 5 values?

25. What does my Heart Truly Desire? (Don’t hold yourself back answering this question if you need to repeat the breathing exercise)

26. What are the steps I’ll take to make answer 25 happen?

27. What skills I want to learn and/or master?

28. What are the top 5 good habits I want to introduce into my life?

29. What are the top 5 habits I want to change, in my Life?

30. What limitings are holding me back? 

The questions are not simple and some are painful to answer when you read it the first time… Take your time, no need to rush, give yourself time but at the same force yourself a little bit to complete the exercise, it will help you to focus and mentalise the person you want to become. Changes, are not simple to make but are necessary. When I did this exercise the first time it was very very painful because I was facing Depression and panic attacks daily but thanking this question I was able to understand what was wrong in my life and work to make the change happen… Many asked me how did I get better, how did I get myself out of the limbo that was destroying my life and soon I’ll share with you my journey to this joyful person that I am now.

Remember that doing this exercise you are sending a clear message to Universe of what you want to achieve and change your life… This message either you want it or not will make opportunities appeared will make you get closer to your objectives, so take the first step and complete the exercise, even if you don’t have any particular problem do the exercise anyway and work with your soul so that you can achieve Joy.

For those of you that want the PDF format of the exercise don’t hesitate in writing an email to , share the exercise with who you feel is in need… Below you can find some pictures explaining how to look after your Mental Health and try to keep an eye on people close to you… Sometimes is not just a bad day or bad mood…


Mental Health Awarness

Visit the Mental Health Foundation

Be Kind to Others… Always…

Being Kind Does Not Make You Look Weak and Does Not Make You Look Unprofessional in the Work Environment. It Makes You Look Like You Must Look – A Kind Human Being!!!

Thank You So Much for Reading and leave a comment below ❤


Me On Focus exercise 1

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