Morning Mantra *23

Good Morning and Happy 1st of May!!! Happy International Workers Day!!!

did you launch yourself out of bed like a rocket ship? Thanking the Universe for another amazing day full of opportunities to build the life you dream and deserve? If the answer is yes, great job!!! If the answer is no, no problem, do it now thank yourself and the Universe for anything that comes in your mind right now it can be the air that you are breathing without even noticing it… or the toothbrush for doing its job of maintaining your teeth clean without complaining…It doesn’t matter what you are being grateful for, just take a moment and focus on gratitude…

Now lets breath, relax and get our mind and soul set for our Morning Mantra Meditation:


Breath slowly as many times you wish and need and when you feel ready, repeat the Mantra with me:

I Have The Awareness That I can Bring Abundance to My Life

Repeat the mantra as many times you wish and need and breath slowly…

When you are ready, visualise what Abundance means to you, each one of us has different views of what living in abundance is… For some, it might be the freedom of being able to buy groceries without thinking about the budget and worrying if there is enough money in the account, for others being able to eat every day, for others having a brand new car, and for some, unfortunately, abundance might be being healthy being able to live happily and be cured, for others is a mix of everything and not something specific so the visualisation might be thinking about family members that laugh happily full of joy. Whatever your vision of abundance is, visualise it now as it is happening now, and during the day. Imagine the vision that you have of abundance manifesting today in your life and when you are finished be grateful with all your heart…

If you wish, use your journal to write your thoughts down.

Repeat the mantra, breath slowly and feel the gratitude…

I Have The Awareness That I can Bring Abundance to My Life

When you are finished with your meditation, set a reminder on your phone so you can repeat the mantra during the day.

Have a wonderful day


If you wish to do more exercises and journal click here

Morning Mantra 23





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