Morning Mantra *24

I Live in Unlimited Abundance …

This besides being a beautiful powerful Mantra is also your birthright, all of us have the right and the power to live in Unlimited Abundance. The Universe is there waiting for us to be ready. Are you ready to receive abundance?

So what is it this Abundance that we all talk so much of us? Is everything! Is not just money and wealth but everything that you can imagine and abundance varies from people to people. So when we say Abundance we mean; health, family, friends, work, hobbies, trips, vacations, money and everything else that is important to you.

To be Joyful we need to have Abundance in all aspects of our life and it is possible, it is possible to have an abundant life fulfilled with joy and happiness.

How to achieve it? Start working on yourself doing the exercise click here

So let us Meditate to open your mind to receive the gift we deserve…


Repeat the exercise as many times as you feel you need and then repeat the mantra as many times you want…

I Live in Unlimited Abundance

Focus and mentalise what abundance means to you, visualise what brings you Joy and Happiness right now in your life and feel the gratitude inside of you, let the Universe know what you are grateful for and letting the feelings inside yourself, when you are ready mentalise what a Joyful life full of abundance looks like to you when you are done tell the Universe that you are ready: Thank You Universe I am Ready to Receive

It’s important to know exactly what we want, it’s important to have the feeling of gratitude even if we don’t have what we want in this exact moment and it’s important to send the message that we are ready to receive.

Save the Mantra in your phone, set a reminder so that you can repeat the mantra throughout the day and repeat it as many times you wish.

Have a wonderful day Fulfilled with Abundance.

Morning Mantra 24


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Help yourself achieve what you desire by doing the Mental Exercise

Thank you very much for reading, leave a comment below…


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One thought on “Morning Mantra *24

  1. Abundance. I created blocks to this out of fear of depriving others yet learned. There is more than enough and change created change. Where my mind goes energy flows. Thank you for helping that shift happen. First emotionally and spiritually then financially

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