Morning Mantra *25

Sometimes you might feel insecure about what you are doing, about decisions you might have taken or somebody might drop a comment that at that moment makes you feel insecure, uncertain about what will happen next.

This moment, this little thought can cause a million reactions to you, to your mind and soul but, is in this moment that you have to stop and learn how to control your emotions and thoughts and the best thing is to stop for some seconds and breath…

Today’s morning mantra is about controlling in your thoughts, is about. setting back your mind to positive mode telling your soul that everything is ok, everything is being sorted and that there is no need to be afraid.



Repeat the exercise as many times as you feel you need and then repeat the mantra as many times you want…

Today’ Mantra is the reassurance that all is falling into place

The Universe Has My Back

Today and every day when you feel, insecure breath and repeat the mantra…

Add this Mantra to the remainder of your phone and remind yourself as many times as you can that The Universe Has Your Back…


Have a Wonderful Day.


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Morning Mantra 25


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