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Is Podcast Friday!!! Yay!

Last week we had the Author of “Getting Beyond What Is” Michael Nulty and this week we have the “Benson Coaching”

Have you ever stopped to look at all the Coaches around the web, read about their experiences, about their life but didn’t really connect with them? Some of the reasons might be is that they aren’t really dealing with the daily struggles of raising a family… Many of the Female coaches don’t have children and so it becomes a kind of hard to identify with them. When it comes to male coaches they are all very distant from what we are, it’s very nice that they own an island and fly on private jets, we are all very happy for them when they describe their 7, 8 or even 11 figure incomes but do they really remember how it is to not have this kind of incomes? Do they really understand that is not quite simple to have a positive mind and keep the routines when you have small children and have to work hard to make to the end of the month? Sometimes when I hear they speak most of the times listing all their successes and riches my mind closes and I can’t really focus on what they are saying, I myself need somebody that is closer to my life somebody that doesn’t identify themselves as gurus but a normal person that deals with normal problems to help me deal with my normal problems.

Me On Focus started a project this year and this project is to find common people that decided to change their life using “The New Age Philosophy”, I thought where am I going to find these people and how am I going to approach them, well Instagram! And so I went on my hunt for finding common normal people and I met many many wonderful people that I’ll introduce to you all very soon. One of the first wonderful people I met are The Benson Caching, I don’t want to spoiler the interview too much but I can tell you that they are a wonderful couple from Utah USA that works together helping people besides this they have 4 children.

Benson Coaching

Benson Family

The Benson Coaching coaches a lot of people and does wonderful retreats some of the sessions they made are the following:

-positivity, connecting with others

-mental awareness and empowerment

-relationships, using your mind to create positive outcomes

-taking back control of your life to reach goals and feel fulfilled

The Benson Coaching are great mentors they do 1 on 1 mentoring, Veronica does Women’s retreats and teaches women how to deal with the daily struggles that we women have for example the guilt of having to work and take care of the family but not being magicians so not being able to be present all the time. Veronica is a great example of how many women feel today, right now, in the sense that how many of you are at home now being a stay at home mom and you are losing your own self not feeling appreciated or not feeling like you are using your full potential… Veronica shows us how to deal with this feeling and how to create your own life besides being a mom. An important thing to remember to all the moms out there is that yes you are a mom but you’re still a woman and that woman needs to feel appreciated and needs to create a career and life outside motherhood.

The interesting thing about The Benson Coaching is that they show and teach you how to deal with daily problems showing both male and female struggles and points of view… Aaron had totally different struggles than Veronica when they started to get into the New Age philosophy he described them during the interview and opened my eyes to understand better my husband. Aaron has a masters degree on social work and works with people daily, listening, mentoring, Aaron is a public speaker and has a lot of experience in helping others to build the life they desire.

Women Benson

Couples need to have a couple as mentors because there are things that man will never understand about a woman and things that woman will never understand about men unless during the mentoring session you have a mindful couple in front of you giving you both sides points of view and explaining why we see things so differently from each other.

In this interview, we cover everything from how they started, how they use ” The New Age Philosophy” in their daily life with the kids. We understood that is very important to teach to our children from early age meditation, visualisation, morning routines and so on…

It’s extremely valuable to listen to “The Benson Coaching” and it’s even more valuable to have a session with them, Veronica and Aaron were so kind to give to one of you a present, so we are opening a Give-Away this is what Veronica wrote:

We are offering access to our 6-week group mentoring course ($99 value) that covers an Introduction to Mindset work. 

Topics for that include: How to train your mind to accomplish what you desire, Vision Boards, Declarations/Affirmations, Money Mindset, Goal Setting, & Empowerment Techniques.

They will have access to our training videos as well as our private online group.

To participate in the giveaway simply follow The Benson Coaching on Instagram, like the picture of the giveaway, Follow Me On Focus Blog and also like the picture of the giveaway. If you wish, leave a comment under the picture saying what is the thing that you most liked about the interview. this is the picture:

Benson Giveaway


I encourage all of you to visit Benson Coaching webpage here 

You can listen to the Interview on the following links below:




Pocket Cast

Thank You Benson Coaching for joining us in this interview.

Thank You all for reading Me on Focus and to listening to our Podcast have a wonderful weekend.





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