H.O.P.E – Hold On Pain Ends

This week you read various posts dedicated to Depression and Anxiety for the Mental Health Awareness Week. On Monday Michael Nulty (Author of “Getting Beyond What Is”), Michael wrote a beautiful post: Promoting Positive Mental Health Change

From Tuesday you started to read about my battle to fight depression on the posts Signs & Symptoms of DepressionStarting To Heal and Crocheting My Way Through Healing, I won’t lie to you it was hard to write this posts because the initial idea was to write informative posts where you could find important information to help you and instead I wrote my story and how I started to heal. I hope that even though the posts are not very informative you could find something that can help you to start your battle to heal from depression or to help somebody you know. I hope that while you read this posts you can see that if I was able to make it and I made you can make it too, maybe not in the same way, you will need to look inside of you and find the little light that will push you to get up but, what I can tell you is that if at this moment you are in bed not being able to read try to get a hook and some yarn and start crocheting or knitting whatever comes in your mind it will help you to clear your mind and slowly you’ll see that you’ll gain self-confidence and you will get better.

Today we also have our special Friday Podcast with a guest and this week’s guest is my husband… He describes how he felt and what he did to help me get out of depression. It’s worth listening because it’s a sincere talk and a little emotional. I’ll leave the link below.


Mental Health Awareness Week is almost over but we won’t stop speaking about, we will continue posting and talking about it and from now on we will actively work to help as many people possible to have a better life.

I’m very thankful for all of you, You helped me to get better by reading e and writing to me now it’s time for me to give back.

Me On Focus Hope

Below you can find the links to listen to our podcast, please leave us a comment I would love to know your thoughts ❤ I wish you all a blessed Friday and I’m sending lots of love ❤


Podcasts Links:
Pocket Casts:http://pca.st/Wdb2

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