Morning Mantra *29

Happy Monday Everybody, let’s start this week breathing in slowly and exhaling through our mouth as many times as you wish, think about all your blessing and say Thank You.

You might be asking why we always emphasize the breathing so much, breathing well is essential in calming ourselves and helps to focus. So when we need to focus on something important is good to take few seconds and inhale slowly – exhale slowly and repeat as many times as we need. Another way to calm ourselves and get our mind focused is to inhale and exhale through our mouth until we feel that there is no hair in our longs anymore.

Monday’s are usually tough for all of us and not our favourite day right? But, let’s try to think about Mondays in a positive way. Monday’s are a present a new beginning. Imagine Monday as a white canvas, all the things that you have to do are the colours that you are going to use to paint your canvas… Now think about all the things you usually do… Work, School, courses, taking care of the house, taking of children and all the other things that you do… Now imagine that every different thing is a colour, what are your favourite colours? Use them, give to each commitment of your day and life a colour and imagine that you are painting the canvas. Imagine this beautiful canvas on your wall and you are painting it, of course, you want it to look beautiful and with the colours you love, so try to paint as well as you can, use your imaginations to create the most beautiful painting you can.

All of us want to have a beautiful life and it all depends on us, on our thoughts on our feelings towards life, in our feelings towards the things we do all day long and towards the things we own… When I say towards the things we own I mean that sometimes we have per example a car but we wish to have a better and maybe this car doesn’t work as well as a new one would and we think and say bad words to the car this action at that moment might you feel better but words have power and spitting on what we have makes us be ungrateful being ungrateful stray away the blessings that the universe is working to present us. So while you are doing your daily tasks don’t forget about the canvas that you are painting and don’t paint it with colours that you don’t want in your life. Fulfil your heart with gratitude for everything you have in your life work hard with all your heart to paint this white canvas with the most beautiful colours.

Gratitude – trust – faith – forgiveness – loyalty – humility – love – joy – passion – happiness…

These feelings will determine the colours of which action that you will be taking this week and will guide you to build your life. So when you are doing something that you are not very happy about fill, your heart with joy and gratitude with faith and belief that the universe is receiving the message and is re-adjusting itself to make your plans come true.

I love to think about life through examples, the examples are usually colourful watercolours threads…

Let’s breathe together and repeat today’s Mantra Together ❤

Morning Mantra 29

Have a Wonderful Monday and a Blessed Week

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