Morning Mantra *30 How To Meditate

Today’s Mantra will help us to Focus and get away from negativity.

Sometimes life happens… Yes, life just happens! Impossible to have control over everything! You can have control over yourself, over your thoughts and actions, you might have developed a way to control your thoughts and you are able to get in life everything you visualise so you walk on this earth knowing that the Universe Has Your Back, Always! But, life happens and surprises you. Something that you weren’t waiting for happens, you are there doing your thing, working on your thing, you are building your life secure, firm and focused. But, life happens and suddenly you see that you haven’t got control of other people’s actions… even when these people are your family. When this happens the feeling is not very good, I would describe it as if for few seconds you lose the flor that is holding you upstanding… and all that security for those seconds or minutes disappears… You don’t know what to do, and your thoughts flow fast without control. You try to find a solution, quick.

Negative thoughts start to form in your head, but you know… a voice inside of you is telling you to stop with these negative thoughts because you know that thoughts have power, you know that if you continue with this negative thoughts more shit will happen because you are manifesting them in your mind. But, we are all humans and when this seconds that were necessary for you to realise what is going on, soon end and anger, fear and disappointment arise and you start to speak, words flow out of your mouth without control and you know that you need to stop cause now besides the negative thoughts you also have the negative words coming out and this combination cannot bring anything good!!!

So what can you do to help you stay positive even when “Life Happens”? What can you do to maintain that positivity that is necessary to solve issues that you haven’t created without being negative, without throwing your anger and fears on somebody else?

  1. You stay quite… Don’t say anything that You might regret in the future.

  2. You get out of the room we are in and leave for just a few minutes in a quiet place.

  3. You breathe to calm yourself. Inhale Slowly – Hold It – Exhale Slowly – Repeat the breathing as many times as you need.

  4. Repeat a Mantra that might be something like this:

I have the Strength to Stay Focused… I Have the Strength to Keep Clam in Every Situation…

You might think “Hey, not everything can be solved with some minutes of meditation, breathing and repeating a Mantra!” Well, You will be amazed what some minutes can do to our mind and how powerful it is to Meditate some minutes before having to deal with uncontrollable external situations that might happen.

Try to maintain this routine in your life which is Self-control.

Morning Mantra 30

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day. You can read more about Mantras and Affirmations Here



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