Morning Mantra *31

Morning Meditation with the use of Mantras is a powerful tool to start our day on the right foot.

So let’s start today by breathing…

Inhale Slowly – Hold It For a Few Seconds – Exhale Slowly

Repeat the breathing as many times as you need.

Now think about three things you are thankful for it can be anything fro your health, life, work and family. Put your hand on your chest feel your heart and say; Thank You.

Now repeat the mantra:

I Can Achieve Everything I set My Mind On, I Am Successful

Repeat the Mantra as many times as you wish and mentalise your day, mentalise how you want your day to be.

I wish You a Wonderful Day


Morning Mantra 31


You can read about the importance of Mantras and Affirmations here

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