Morning Mantra *32

Have you ever stopped to think about if you trust yourself? Have you ever stopped to tell yourself how strong and powerful you are? Have you ever stopped to think about your intelligence? On how good you are on doing something? Have you ever stepped in front of the mirror, looked at yourself and told yourself looking into your eyes, right straight into your eyes; “I Am Worthy!” ’cause you know… You are everything you want to be!

So it took me a long time to realise all these things that are written above… I always looked at myself and at the things I’ve done as normal, average, common and sometimes in a way telling myself “You Know what girl… You should have done better! You nothing but what you were supposed to!” And you know what this kind of thoughts are? They are self-sabotaging thoughts because we are supposed to be our best friend, our biggest fans!!! and we aren’t! Even when somebody else comes and tells us “hey, you have done so well this amazing!” we go; “No, what you are talking about I did nothing special!!!

This is all self-sabotaging and we need to stop right now!!! The time has arrived where we look at ourselves and we embrace everything we do with love and pride! When somebody compliments you don’t diminish yourself just say “Thank You”

Love yourself like there is no tomorrow and value everything you do cause you are special and unique!

So today as every day the Morning Mantra is dedicated to you and we will start right now by breathing…

Inhale Slowly – Hold It – Exhale Slowly

Repeat the breathing as many times you wish and repeat the mantra also as many times you want… Save the Mantra in Your phone and set an alarm so you can read the Mantra during the day and remind yourself that You are special!

Morning Mantra 32

Thank You for Reading



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