Two Women & Their Love for the Amazon Rainforest

When women come together amazing things come to life… Women have the power to make anything possible… Women have the innate gift to make hard and impossible projects come to life easily and naturally… When women decide to make a change, the change happens!

Today I have the honour to introduce to you all two women that I can call friends, that dedicated their lives to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and their Inhabitants! Their love for the preservation of the Rainforest and animals took another step when they got to know the conditions in which the Natives lives’ and gave them the inspiration to do more, and you know what? They did! They founded the Amazonia Association!

We Believe That People and the Environment are Inseparable

This is the main thought and belief of Manuela and Chiara two Italian women that are making the difference in Xixuau’!

Manuela is a Biologist, member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUNC) in 2009 she received the Recognition of Environmentalist of the Year for her commitment against deforestation and in defence of the indigenous people. Emanuela started travelling to the Amazon Rainforest during her studies 20 years ago, she was working on her thesis about the Giant Otters which are a species that you can only find in the Amazon Rainforest. One trip was enough to make her fall in love and decide to move to the Amazon Rainforest in Xixuau Village. Emanuela was later joined by Chiara and together they created the Amazonia Association.


Chiara studied Ecology, started her career working for an Italian Television and one day she decided that that life wasn’t for her, she wanted to work in the field she has studied at University. In the impulse of following her dreams, she joined Emanuela in Xixuau and together they started developing sustainable projects in pro of the Forest Conservation these projects include Healthcare, Research, Education, Conservation and Ecotourism. Today Chiara lives in the UK with her husband and their super cute baby and is responsible to make sure that Emanuela has enough funds to make their projects come true.

Chiara xixuau

It’s almost unbelievable to find out that these two Women were able to develop so many projects in these 10 years, that they were able to build schools, medical centres, save animals, and extinguish malaria in the community of the Xixuau! Seems a lot right? Well, that’s just the beginning because Emanuela and Chiara did a lot more and are working every day to do more and give to the Xixuau community a prosper and abundant future while preserving the Forest!

These two amazing women followed their dreams and succeeded!

Chiara and Emanuela

This Friday, June 1st you will have the chance to know more about Chiara and Emanuela in our Podcast and every Wednesday, we will have a new appointment here on Me On Focus where we will be talking about Xixuau, about Chiara and Emanuela’s projects and hopefully, you will get passionate about the preservation of the Rainforest and will participate in the projects, together we can help them to do more!

Visit their Webpage Amazon Association and if you wish to make a donation we all have the responsibility to help to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.  You can also see amazing pictures on the Instagram Page Here


Stay tuned Me On Focus will actively help with Chiara and Emanuela come join us!

Thank you for reading!


Xixuau Me On Focus



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