Podcast Friday – Amazonia Onlus

It’s Podcast Friday, our first Podcast of June and we have the honour to have Chiara and Emanuela; the founders of Amazonia Onlus

Chiara and Emanuela had a dream, a dream that took them very far away from their home country, Italy, they decided to live in close contact with nature and to move to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, more precisely in Xixuau’which is a village 500km north from Manaus the capital of the Brazilian state Amazonas.

Amazonia Onlus is a foundation that takes care of the development of the Xixuau area, thanking their projects Malaria was extinguished, schools were opened, the internet and computers were brought and many other projects were made which we will be talking about every Wednesday.

Amazonia Onlus survives on donations from companies and from amazing people that believe that the Amazonas Rainforest preservation and the education of the natives are important, we need to understand that we must take of the world we live, in order to guarantee the heritage to future generations.

You can read more information about how to help Chiara and Emanuela here

If you live in Italy you can also donate the 5 X 1000 by clicking here

Become an Amazonia Onlus supporter by clicking here

But, the best is yet to come… If you want to visit Xixuau and get to have the adventure of a lifetime the time is now because Amazonia Onlus from now on will be taking you to amazing trips. all the info here

I left the best for last 🙂 Below you can listen to our today’s podcast where you’ll get to know better Chiara and Emanuela.



If you prefer please click on the links below and listen to our podcast interview form your favourite device.

Podcasts Links:
Pocket Casts:http://pca.st/Wdb2
Thank you for reading and listening to our podcast and thank you for leaving a comment.
Have a great weekend.


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