Podcast Interview With Gil Pennant

In Today’s Podcast Friday we have the author of “How To Use Feeling Very Good as a Way Into The Happiness Zone” Gil Pennant.

We had the amazing opportunity to meet him in London Waterloo and record an interview where he tells us everything about how one day he decided to create a tool to help us how to understand what makes us happy if this wasn’t enough Gil created a method that we all can use to understand what makes us happy and keep track of our lives so that we can measure happiness every day and keep the happiness level high!

Because at the end of the day what we all want is to feel happy and joyful and the most important thing we want is to keep joy and happiness always inside of us and live our lives at peace with ourselves, how better than understanding how to do it…?

Gil Pennant’s book is not the regular self-development book that we are used to, this book is a tool that you should keep for life and use every day.

Gil Pennant

Enjoy the interview by following the links below.

Gil Pennant

Gil is very passionate about his work and his dedication to helping people is huge, Gil decided to give you a present for 24 hours, starting from tomorrow 9/6/18 you will be able to download “How To Use Feeling Very Good As A Way Into The Happiness Zone” for free. Follow the links below and make sure you get your copy.

Get Your Copy Here

The Surprises are not finished on Monday Gil will be our Guest Blogger and will start a very special Giveaway.

You can find out more about Gil Pennant on his webpage (Here)

Thank you, Gil, for the opportunity and Thank you Publishing Push for helping us to make this Interview possible.

If you want to know more about Publishing Push follow click (Here) and stay tuned because soon we will be having the Founder of Publishing Push on our Podcast.

I wish you a great day!

Let us know your thoughts on today’s interview 🙂



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